Exciting Movie News I Have Discovered Today.

I hope everyone is having a good week so far.  I would say that I was having quite a productive one myself, at work and at home so that is always pretty good.   So let me tell you I always get really exciting when it is posted on Yahoo, or Twitter that somewhere in Hollywood, someone has found an old film.  I do believe this also happened a few months ago.  They have randomly found an old film reel that has been partially damaged by a fire, and with this one they have managed to salvage a whole 36 minutes of playable footage of Quentin ‘Pulp Fiction’ Tarantino’s first film.   I think that is pretty cool.  Quentin Tarantino is a legend!  The film, entitled ‘My Best Friend’s Birthday’ was originally  70 minutes long, and it is about a character played by Quentin Tarantino himself, who tries and fails to surprise his best friend on his birthday.  It turns out they found the film a few years ago but have only now been able to restore it and they are shortly going to be playing it at future film festivals.  I wouldn’t mind seeing that myself.  Actually wouldn’t mind going to a film festival.  That would be a great experience.

Picture: Quentin Tarantino.


Talking about old movies being shown on the big screen, and this was actually posted online last week (not sure where I was last week to miss this!) but one of my favourite movies of all time, Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, written by Stephen King, my favourite writer of all time, is returning to the big screen for Halloween!  To see that on the big screen would be an incredible experience too.  It does state in the article that I have read that it is only playing in selected cinemas, so I shall have to do some research and find out if it will be playing in mine.   I know I can watch ‘The Shining’ at any time I want at home, but we all know nothing can ever beat that big screen effect when it comes to movies.

Picture: REDRUM – The Shining.


Admittedly one of the most irritating things in movies for me, and probably for a lot of other film fans out there too, is waiting for them to come out, whether that be at the cinema or TV or DVD it’s the waiting that annoys me the most.   I have just read that according to Warner Bros, Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie is still 18 months away from completion.   Now that is bloody annoying!  Hands up those who think that is annoying!!!  I wonder if it might just have something to do with Ben Affleck co-writing and directing this one?   Which I am really excited about because he is a really good writer and director, let’s be honest, Gone Baby Gone was outstanding.   I get the feeling Ben Affleck just wants it to be perfect that’s all.  So if it takes a little longer to come out then that is how it has to be.  I am looking forward to it anyway, it will be worth the wait.

Picture: Thor Ragnarock.


On a more positive note it has also been confirmed that actor Sam Neill, who coincidently I watched on ‘The One Show’ just the other night, has bagged a role on the new ‘Thor: Ragnarock movie, alongside his former Jurassic Park co-star Jeff Goldblum.   I am looking forward to Ragnarock anyway but that sounds like it could be pretty good actor pairing…again, as well.   They both acted really well in Jurassic Park that is for sure.   They also added that Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk is going to have a bigger role in this movie too and I am pleased because, even though it is not The Hulk’s movie it would be nice to see him a bit more in this as I do love the chemistry between Thor and The Hulk.  They can be really funny together.    I love Mark Ruffalo too, he plays the role really well.  I have heard they may also be setting up a solo Hulk movie too and I hope they do.  But I am looking forward to this one in the meantime!   Thor: Ragnarock opens on November 3rd 2017.


Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

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Bridget Jones And Brangelina….

Well I have been very happy recently because I have just had an awesome weekend to finish off a really nice week off work.   So last Friday, after spending a few days visiting family which was really nice, I drove to Nottingham to visit my friend, Chrissie.  We had a lovely shopping day in Nottingham, normally I don’t do a great deal of shopping so I went all out this time and bought two new dresses, a pair of shoes and a MAC lipstick.  You have to treat yourself once in a while you know!!!  Then we had lunch, and a coffee in this really cute independent coffee shop it was lovely.  And then we went to watch Bridget Jones’s Baby!!

Picture: Bridget Jones’s Baby Movie Poster.


It was brilliant.   It really was a fantastic movie.  At this point I have this really strong urge to start banging on about it…but I won’t because it has only been out a week and I know there are going to be a lot of you out there that haven’t seen it yet and I don’t want to spoil it.  You have to go and watch it if you haven’t seen it yet because it is awesome.  It is quite possibly my film of the year…. And also, not forgetting this, we could drink Prosecco in the cinema which was so cool.  I rather quite enjoyed that too.

So what about the other the internet is talking about recently then…. What about Brangelina??  If I am being completely honest, I am not the least bit surprised at all.  I am amazed in away that is has lasted this long because a lot of Hollywood couples last like five minutes, but at the same time I am a little bit gutted for them as well.  Especially for the children as well.  They did seem really good together too.   However, now I am thinking…. A Brad and Jennifer Aniston reconciliation back on the cards?  You never know.  Now they were really good together!   Brad and Angelina do have loads of children too.  Apparently she is saying they are breaking up for the usual ‘irreconcilable differences’, which is the same for any Hollywood marriage break up.  But I have also read that Brad has alcohol and anger issues, according to Angelina, I read it on Twitter, if you believe that to be true.  I am not so sure myself.    Anyway, apparently Angelina said it was ‘getting dangerous for the children’…. but she has still granted Brad Pitt visitation rights.  So make of that what you will.   I personally think Brad Pitt’s anger issues are a load of rubbish.  But that is just me.

I am absolutely loving all the pictures and gifs on Twitter at the moment of Jennifer Aniston celebrating the fact that Brad and Angelina are over.   You have to check them out if you haven’t already.   They are so funny.


Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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Case Study: Insidious.

This is my first ever movie ‘case study’.  I have called it a case study because in this post I am going into a bit more in depth about the movie, and a movie I have thoroughly enjoyed.  And actually because I thought calling it a ‘case study’ sounds really cool….Anyway…. I will also note that as I am going a bit more in depth, this will have spoilers.  Please don’t read on if you haven’t seen the movie.

Here are the basics.   Directed by James Wan, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Wan Insidious is a supernatural thriller made in 2011 and stars Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne.  The story revolves around a couple, Josh and Renai Lambert, whose son Dalton has fallen into this mysterious coma after exploring the attic of their new home.  After all treatment they try fails, the couple think it best he came home where they could look after him themselves.  That is when the supernatural spooky goings on start, and they realize they need spiritual help rather than scientific.

Picture: Insidious Movie Poster.


Insidious was one of the first movies I have seen where the idea for the story seemed so far ‘off the wall’ I didn’t think it was going to work.  Centred in the movie is a world which is a part of Purgatory, and they call it the ‘Further’.  I found this interesting because, a lot of people, myself included, believe in Heaven, and in Hell, and the place that is in between, plus I am a big Supernatural (the TV show) fan too, but the ‘Further’ was a completely new dimension that was about to be explored and I found that in itself really fascinating.   I loved the initial idea and after seeing the trailer for the first time, it gave me goosebumps.   It was the weirdness I think that drew me in to watch it in the end.  From the trailer it really looked as though it at upped the ante in the Hollywood horror movie genre.  Plus I love weird films anyway.

I will always remember the first time I watched Insidious because my parents were away and I watched it on my own, at night, as you do…. That certainly added to the effect it had being a supernatural horror film, and I would definitely add that at the time it was not my brightest idea as I do recall I did not sleep very well afterwards, and that certainly proves the ‘scares’ in it were extremely effective.

I loved the atmosphere in Insidious.   It had this really old-fashioned creepiness about it right from the start.   You can see the family it centres on lead a really hectic lifestyle.  They have three kids to feed, they have just moved into a new home.  The father, Josh Lambert, has an office job, and Renai the mother writes music at home and looks after the baby while the other children are at school.    All of a sudden we get this wonderfully eerie introduction to the family attic which kicks everything off.    Dalton (Ty Simpkins) is practically enticed to go up into the attic where after falling off a ladder, hits his head and then thinks he sees something in the darkest corner of the attic and starts screaming.  But it is brilliant because they don’t show you what it is.   I am sat there dying to know what it is he has just seen.   It is from this strange encounter that Dalton has in the attic that the movie starts to take a more sinister turn.

Picture: Rose Byrne as Renai.


Dalton falls into this strange coma, and they have no idea what is causing it.  The first scary bit for me was the booming voice over the baby monitor.  Josh thinks it is ‘interference’ but you just know it is a ghost.  Seeing one of the ghosts for the first time, through the netting of the baby’s crib was just a great image.  It was chilling and I loved it.  It’s one of those moments in a film where you say to yourself, was that really there?  Because you could only just make it out.   The first really big scare was brilliant.  Renai has told Josh to sleep on the couch because she is pissed at him, and she awoken in the middle of the night by this guy with long hair, wearing a trenchcoat pacing about her bedroom.  So simple and so terrifying.   It was the sound of his boots echoing on the floor.  You could hear them pounding in your head afterwards.  It was so weird.   You actually had to watch the movie really carefully as well because I found I missed quite a lot from the first time I saw it.  The first siting of the apparition of the little boy for example.  Look for him before he starts messing about.   On another note, the demon stood behind Josh whilst the sister was there, that bit actually still made me jump even though I knew it was coming.

Picture: Patrick Wilson as Josh, and the Red Demon.


By now it has been established that this is some kind of ghost or ghoul is causing Dalton’s mysterious coma, so now enter the paranormal investigators.  I loved them, they were awesome.  They even had EMFs which are devices for detecting the spirits of the dead.  Then we have Elise who is the psychic and you can see her immediate concern for the family as soon as she steps into the house, and she sees the creature in the shadows too and you really believe the terror in her hushed voice as she describes what she sees to a guy who draws it.  I loved her theory that Dalton is a traveller and that he can ‘astro project’ which is awesome too, he can have an out of body experience, except he has gone too far and can’t get back to his body and now his body is free to be inhabited or possessed which ever way you look at it, by a any one of the ghosts who seem to be hanging around.  It is brilliant.  I loved that idea.

One of my favourite scenes of the movie was when they did the séance and all the spirits started attacking them, and Elise was wearing a gas mask which was weird but it did work.  It was well done and also very dramatic.  I like a bit of dramatic.  That added to the atmosphere too.

Picture: Patrick Wilson.


The revelation that the father was a traveller was also very clever.  It added intrigue as to how the story could progress further.  Josh’s out of body experience was done very well too, particularly when he encountered a load of ghosts who seemed as though they were practically lost in time.  One reading a newspaper, one ironing.   The imagery was very surrealistic.   They were like evil mannequins of death.  That was my favourite scene.  I also loved the demon’s lair where Dalton was held.  The demon actually reminded me of some old demented toy maker.  I loved the amount of make up that went into creating him, he definitely looked like hell had just spat him out.   The creepy old woman scared me though.  Now she was scary.  I didn’t forget her straight away after the movie had ended.   And so basically, to round things off,  Josh and Dalton have to get back to their bodies because otherwise some despicable ghost will possess them if they don’t.  I thought that was an ingenious idea too.

I loved the movie because of the plot and the place that is the ‘Further’ because it was a very creative idea, and I loved the fact it was centred on a father and son.   I also loved how it was very surrealistic in it’s images of terror all throughout the film.  It was brilliantly done.  Should you watch it? If you like creepy movies this is definitely one for you.  It has a habit of drawing you into this atmospheric nightmare it creates, and it leaves you wanting so much more from it.


Thanks for reading


Sarah x




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Exciting Movie News I Have Found This Week.

I have found out some really interesting stuff going on in the movie world this week.  Most of it I have found on Twitter because I do use Twitter practically every day.  It is really great for finding out any news, but especially movie news.  This is what I have found out.

So first of all, and I am really impressed with this because I have just read that the actor Shia LaBeouf is finally looking like he is getting his life back on track after a few random years of his questionable behaviour.   According to Variety Magazine, after several years of heavy drinking, random public outbursts and his general on-set ‘wild child’ persona, Shia LaBeouf genuinely looks as though he is trying to grow up, and in his own words he says “I am learning how to distill my ‘crazy’ into something manageable”.  So that is good to hear.  I do like Shia LaBeouf as an actor and I am pleased he is finally attempting to sort his life out.  Better late than never.  He is also starring in a new movie called ‘American Honey’, which is about a travelling magazine sales crew.  So hopefully Shia can only go up from here, and I am very happy that he has begun to think more positively about his future.

Picture: Shia LaBeouf Variety Magazine 2016.


Also, ‘The Crow’ is to begin filming next January.  So this is the reboot of the original movie that starred the ill-fated Brandon Lee, son of martial arts idol Bruce Lee, and who was tragically killed on set of ‘The Crow’ after a prop revolver went off.   Reading about that in a bit more detail it explains that he was hit in the spinal cord by a projectile shot from a gun firing blanks.  He was twenty eight when he died, and that is so sad.   Now Hollywood has decided to remake ‘The Crow’ starring Jason Momoa, and I am not quite sure who that is….but I have read that already they have started to say the movie will be cursed.  I think that is awful.  I have decided as I am generally an optimistic person that I don’t believe it.  And I cannot wait to see the reboot because I thought the original was incredible.

Picture: Brandon Lee in The Crow.


Moving on….

The next piece of news I read really came as no surprise really, but actor Daniel Craig has reportedly been offered $150 million dollars to do not one, but two more James Bond movies.   I didn’t think Daniel Craig wanted to do James Bond anymore, I am sure I read that somewhere.  I have feeling that because they haven’t managed to find anyone else, or can’t decide on anyone else more like, the filmmakers have offered a huge some of money to Daniel Craig to reignite his interest in the role.  It didn’t say Craig was definitely going to do it, but I should imagine he will now.  He does make a really good James Bond anyway, so I am pleased but….. honestly I am still really hoping Tom Hiddleston will be Bond one day.  I think he would make an amazing Bond.  Maybe he is just not ready?  Or maybe he doesn’t want to do it?  Give him another five years or so.   You just never know!

Picture: Daniel Craig as James Bond.


Lastly, I am a very big Johnny Depp fan (Captain Jack Sparrow all the way!) and he is now starring in a new movie called ‘Labyrinth’ and not to be confused with the David Bowie movie of the same name, this movie is about the high profile murders of rappers Tupac Shakur and Notorious BIG, who were both killed in drive by shootings six months apart.   Johnny Depp is to play the real life detective who was assigned to investigate both cases.  I think this sounds like a really good movie too, and it will be nice to see Johnny Depp star in another serious movie role also.

Personally I cannot wait to see ‘The Crow’ reboot.  I think they will do that really well, especially if they make it as weird and as wonderful as the original was.

Thanks for reading.


Sarah x





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So this was my movie that I watched last night.   I thought Sicario was done very well.  I found it to be quite a deep story, and yet I still found it extremely exciting to watch.

With some spoilers

Picture: Cinema Release Photo.


Apparently in Mexico, ‘Sicario’ means ‘hitman’, which I did not know.  I do love to learn something new.  This movie revolves around FBI agent Kate Macer, played by Emily Blunt (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emily_Blunt) who is taken on by the Government to help stop drugs from creeping over the U.S and Mexico border.   It was the opening ten minutes of the movie that got me hooked straight away, let’s just say the first introduction to the character of Kate Macer really did go off with a bang.  I do really love it when a movie delivers like that, particularly so early on.

What I loved about Kate Macer as a character was her courage to stand up and fight in the war against drugs and go after the main drugs leader in the movie, with the help of Alejandro (Benecio Del Toro) and Matt Graver (Josh Brolin) and I thought that was really commendable.   Kate Macer I found was quite a ‘deep’ character.  For many moments throughout the movie I found myself being almost entranced by her thoughts, I don’t often pick up on the ‘sounds’ of the movie, not the music, but the background sounds.  The sounds of a plane in the sky, the sound of kitchen pots and utensils as they are being used, and the lowest buzzing sound you can imagine that you could hear when Macer was thinking as she patrolled the borders.  I thought the attention to detail was incredible.

Picture: Emily Blunt as Kate Macer.


Most of the imagery throughout the film was really shocking, but that was good in the sense that is it gave you a real picture of what was going on.  I loved how it didn’t seem to phase Kate at all at first, and yet I could still tell that she looked as though she was thinking, trying to work things out.  That was brilliantly done.

The movie made me feel quite on edge at times too, but that was another thing I loved about it.   I found it to be very suspenseful and extremely atmospheric.  And although Kate at the beginning seemed quite ‘lucid’ almost, as the movie went on you could see the cracks starting to show as her emotions would kick in.  And despite the majority of the movie being set in a war zone type scenario, one of the scariest scenes for me was when Kate went to a bar and met a seemingly regular guy, who suddenly turned on her in her own home because of who she was and what she did.  It was also interesting to see how she didn’t react the same way as she perhaps would have done whilst at work.  That scene gave an insight to a different side to her.

Picture: Benicio Del Toro as Alejandro.


You could tell that the film was leading on to this ‘bigger picture’, but I won’t spoil it by giving anything away.   I loved the air of mystery surrounding the story and the characters in it.  There were some quality acting from both Emily Blunt and Benicio Del Toro.  I loved the suspense and the high stakes, and the impending doom encased in most of the film’s scenes.  And it was one of those movies that l found was literally pulling me in closer and closer, then it would go off with a bang.   That was what made it so good.


Thanks for reading.

Sarah x





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Gone Baby Gone!

I have been meaning to watch this movie for a while, for me it was the amazing cast it had, so I am really pleased I decided to watch this last night.  The movie stars Casey Affleck, Morgan Freeman, Michelle Monaghan, Ed Harris and is directed by one of my favourite actors at the moment, Ben Affleck.  Admittedly I haven’t seen Ben’s brother Casey act in many movies, but I had heard that he was really good in this one.   And I must say he was actually very good.

Picture: Casey Affleck as Patrick Kenzie.



So the movie jumps right into the plot, a little girl, Amanda McCready has gone missing, and her family are appealing for information to try and get her home safely.  Patrick Kenzie (Casey Affleck) and Angie Gennaro play the two private investigators who are approached by the girls aunt in an effort to find her.   Personally I quite like movies with private investigators or the cops as they always seem to end up being fascinating characters.  I loved how Patrick Kenzie and his partner Angie Gennaro played by Michelle Monaghan openly discussed and practised their morals throughout the movie.  You could see in the beginning they really wanted to help, but they had their reservations to deal with too, as it turns out it is not the type of case they usually go for.

They also have a few obstacles in their way.  Morgan Freeman’s Captain of the police, Jack Doyle, was a little harsh with his comments on Patrick Kenzie’s age quite early on, and the couple also had the ticking clock to deal with as well, but they kept on digging, which showed real strength of character from both Kenzie and Gennaro throughout the film.

Picture: Morgan Freeman as Jack Doyle.


At times the movie would throw in some really shady characters because the neighbourhood that surrounded them was quite rough.  One or two people wanted to help with the search for the missing child, others didn’t want to know which made Kenzie and Gennaro’s job that much harder, plus everyone else just seemed to go on about how old they were too, which was very irritating, but they just took everything in their stride which I thought gave a real quality of depth to their characters.

As the story goes on theories start to fly from every corner.  We discover that there maybe drugs linked with the child’s disappearance as it turns out both parents are using.  It might be a revenge plot, the child’s parents might owe money, and the movie was very good at not revealing too much too early on and just dropped subtle hints every now and again to get you thinking.  I liked that about it.  It did the same with some of it’s characters too.  In the beginning the mother is very cocky and doesn’t appear to understand the seriousness of everything.  Morgan Freeman’s character Jack Doyle seemed very dark and mysterious, he played a really good part and he his character had a great back story.  Even Affleck and Monaghan had a few surprises up their sleeves.

Picture: Casey Affleck, Ed Harris, Michelle Monaghan.


I loved how dark the movie was as well.  The scene with the image of the doll in the water was really well shot.  I thought the scene where Patrick goes to the ‘crack house’ in search of Amanda and gets chased by a deranged woman with a gun was quite scary, and some of the imagery in general throughout the film was quite grotesque but still very well documented and relevant to the storyline.   In addition to that, the reactions and the emotions from the characters, particularly in Affleck’s case, were very real and heartbreaking at times.  You can see he starts to struggle to cope at certain points and that is captured emphatically on screen.

I thought it was very good.  The story was very well written, it was suspenseful and heart-breaking.  It was brilliantly acted, particularly from Casey Affleck whose performance was utterly captivating.  And I thought the conclusion of the movie was very well executed as well.


Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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The Martian.

I do enjoy a good Matt Damon movie every now and again, and he certainly did not disappoint me with this movie.  I thoroughly enjoyed ‘The Martian’.  In a nutshell, the movie is about a group of astronauts who take a trip into space to survey Mars.  However, during a turbulent storm, they are forced to abandon the planet, but astronaut Mark Watney aka Matt Damon gets left behind.

Picture: Matt Damon as Mark Watney.


Some spoilers.

As it turns out, Mark Watney is a ‘botanist’ which is rather handy, and he is able to teach himself how to make water and grow food, mainly potatoes, that keep him alive.  I found it utterly fascinating, and the whole idea behind the story of the movie, even made me believe it could be possible.  To just be able to grow and live on potatoes on Mars.  I loved it.

Matt Damon acted brilliantly in this movie too.  Despite being left behind on a desolate planet to fend for himself, and instead of wallowing in his own self pity, he adapts to his situation, and with his excellent knowledge of botany (which is really quite handy) he comes up with this sustainable solution to keep himself alive, whilst he counts down the days until he is hopefully rescued.

I loved the whole ‘day to day’ living on Mars as well.  Watney made the most of what he had, and would venture out of his little ‘space centre’ or what ever it was that he lived in on the planet, to try and find anything that would help him contact his friends and colleagues back home, but mostly he would explore and I loved those moments in the movie because it gave a view of what Mars could be like.

Picture: Jessica Chastain as Melissa Lewis.


Then you have all the people on earth trying to find a solution to get Watney home safely, and I really loved the way everyone on earth got behind Watney and basically cheered him on to keep surviving until help reached him.  It was great.  I also loved Jessica Chastain’s character Melissa, who with the rest of her crew decide to launch their own rescue mission and going against their superior’s orders.  I like Jessica Chastain and I thought she played her part as the ‘firm but fair’ captain very well.

There were a few ‘technical bits’ in the movie that I did find a bit to hard to follow, but the rest of the movie as a whole was very enjoyable to watch.  I loved the fact that Watney grew his own food, I thought the chemistry amongst the team as a whole as they pulled together to get him home was very authentic, the design of the space crafts in the movie were amazing, and I actually thought the way the filmmakers had designed Mars itself was pretty cool too.  I thought was very realistic.

Picture: The Martian Movie Poster.


The movie is definitely one to watch, if only to see Matt Damon as I believe he gave one of the best performances of his career in this film, plus it had a cracking soundtrack.   I thought having ‘Starman’ by David Bowie playing in the background was a really nice touch.   The movie boasted a captivating storyline, and the acting performances were all electrifying.    I absolutely loved it.


Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

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The Imitation Game.

Well this was a fascinating movie.   I had heard really good reviews about it and I also recall that it was in the race for the Best Actor Oscar for Benedict Cumberbatch, which he narrowly missed out on in 2015, with the Oscar going to Eddie Redmayne for The Theory Of Everything.  The Imitation Game is about a man named Alan Turing, who was the mastermind mathematician behind deciphering enemy codes during the second world war with the help of his friends and a machine he calls ‘Christopher’.

Picture: Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turring.

With some spoilers.

For me, this is one of my favourite acting performances of Benedict Cumberbatch.    His depiction of Alan Turing was both mesmerizing and authentic.

In the beginning we find the shy Alan Turing get a codebreaking job at Bletchley to help with the war.  Instead of having to crack enemy codes that come through by hand, Turing assembles a team of mathematicians to help him build a machine that will crack the codes for them, deciphering exactly what moves the Germans are going to make next, and thus saving the lives of British soldiers caught up in the war.

Picture: The Imitation Game Players.

What I loved about it was the constant determination from all the characters involved to try and find a way to stop the Germans from winning the war, despite the obstacles they faced which included the Germans changing the code they were trying crack, every day at midnight.   They even had a countdown clock, and with the threat of their funding being terminated, I thought that made the movie really exciting and it most definitely added pace to the story.

Besides Benedict Cumberbatch, my other favourite character in the movie was Joan Clarke, played by Keira Knightley.   She was smart, confident and feisty, and at a time where women were considered less superior that their male counterparts, Clarke never let that phase her and continued to fight to get herself recognized.  I think Keira Knightley played her superbly, and this is actually one of my favourite ever performances of hers also.  The only thing that did infuriate me about the story itself, was back then none of Turring’s team, including Turring himself, got recognized for all the work they did back in the second world war.   Until now that is.

Personally, I really enjoyed it.  I found the movie intriguing, and deeply moving at times too.  Why should you watch it?  The Imitation Game is a fascinating movie spectacle with acting performances that will leave you breathless.


Thanks for reading.

Sarah x



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Movie News I Am Excited About This Week.

This week has been a busy one for me particularly in work as we have had floor moves and store visits to contend with.  I haven’t actually watched any movies at all since watching Collateral last Monday, which is quite bad, but nevermind.  That is just the way things are some times.   Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun?!!


So I thought it was time I have another little gander at what is going on in the movie world at the moment, and this is what I found out.

Picture: Marvel’s ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’.


The ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ ensemble will all feature in the new Avengers movie, Infinity War.   I thought they might be in an Avengers movie at some point.  I reckon the Guardians Of The Galaxy characters will bring a different edge to the Avengers franchise, because they are all ‘rogues’ which makes them feisty and unpredictable in my opinion.  I just love the fact they are cocky and sarcastic and have a bit of attitude, but still fight for what they believe in.  So it will be very interesting to see how the current Avengers will cope with that.  I already have images of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) majorly falling out with Drax (Dave Bautista) because Drax won’t understand Thor’s ‘ways’, and The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) going ‘green’ because Chris Pratt’s Peter Quill, is being too much of a cocky git for him.  I think there will be more than a few personality clashes.  It sounds fun.

I have also discovered that ‘Step Brothers’ duo Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly will reunite in the imagining of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.  To be honest I think that is a wonderful piece of casting because if Ferrell and Reilly manage to make their Holmes and Watson character as funny as their ‘Step Brothers’ characters, this is going to turn out to be a wonderfully hilarious movie.  Really looking forward to this one.

Picture: John C Reilly and Will Ferrell in ‘Step Brothers’.

They are also remaking the movie ‘Clue’.  I loved the original ‘Clue’, it was so funny and so entertaining, and Wadsworth played by Tim Curry was such a cool character and it is one of my favourite characters played by Tim Curry ever.  His screen presence in that movie was fascinating and extremely infectious.  He was an exceptionally good storyteller too.  There are not many details about the new Clue movie just yet, but if you haven’t seen the original you must watch it some time because it was brilliant.

Picture: The cast of ‘Clue’.

Lastly, Mission Impossible 6 has halted production because of a major problem.  And it is majorly big, I don’t know how they are going to be able to cope with this…

….Tom Cruise is not happy with what he is getting paid.  I am being serious.  I mean, the Mission Impossible franchise has only made him over $300 million dollars already…. Apparently, it turns out that Tom Cruise is getting more money to star in the new ‘Mummy’ remake than what he was offered for the latest Mission Impossible instalment.  He is currently in talks regarding this.   That’s Hollywood A-Listers for you!  I am still looking forward to Mission Impossible 6 anyway.   Those movies are always very good.

So there are definitely some interesting things going on in the movie world right now.  For me, I am really looking forward to seeing the new Avengers movie, and the new Clue movie.  I think they are both going to be really good.

Just a final note.  Please check out the new Star Wars store at https://bouncedeals.com/collections/star-wars.   I checked it out earlier and they have some really interesting stuff on there, particularly the colour changing Light Saber.  They are really cool.   Check it out if you like Star Wars.


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Last Night’s Movie: Collateral.

I quite enjoyed this movie because it made a nice, refreshing change to see Tom Cruise play the villain.  He played him very well too, he was quite nasty at times.  So, in this movie (possible spoilers beware) Tom Cruise plays Vincent, who ends up in Max’s taxi (played by Jamie Foxx) and poor Max unwittingly turns into Vincent’s getaway driver as he goes about basically taking people out, as one assumes that is a hitman’s job, who happen to be witnesses to a court case.

The character of Max, intimidated by Vincent’s uncontrollable behaviour, has to go along with it as to not get himself killed, and goes about dropping him off at various locations and basically becomes his getaway driver.  I thought it was quite interesting to see how Max coped with managing to still talk to Vincent like a normal person whilst having a gun held to his head.  I thought Jamie Foxx portrayed the character very well.

There were plenty of tense moments, with great characterization from Tom Cruise who tried to come across as some kind of damaged ’employee’ but was actually really, really brutal at times.   You just started feeling sorry for him… and then he would do something really crazy.   Jamie Foxx is the one who ends up being in the wrong place at the wrong time as he goes about his every day business as a taxi driver, and winds up becoming a pivotal part of Vincent’s elaborate charade.

Picture: Jamie Foxx as Max.

It was a great storyline, I did enjoy it, but at times it was a bit predictable.  I won’t give anything away, but I had pretty much worked things out after the first fifteen minutes.  Generally I prefer it when the plot draws me in for a lot longer, even till the very end, I worked out where this movie was going pretty early on.

I did really enjoy the ‘cat and mouse’ element to it, and the few moments of unpredictability it had too, that made the movie really exciting.  Mark Ruffalo played a good part as the cop trying to take Vincent down also.  I thought he was so into his character.  He actually almost looked unrecognizable too.   And I really enjoyed the soundtrack as well, it was a really cool soundtrack that definitely set the tone that ran all throughout the movie.  It was very entertaining.  Ten out of ten for acting for Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx, they were both incredible.


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