Watched The Oscars This Morning.

I always try and get the Monday after Oscar night off work because that means I can sit and watch the ceremony in the morning, which is exactly what I did, and to be honest I was quite pleased with who won on the night, particularly Viola Davis for Fences, as she is one of my favourite actresses at the moment (all hail How To Get Away With Murder!) and I am particularly pleased as it has had good reviews, that Casey Affleck won for Manchester By The Sea.


It could be argued that the biggest upset of the night, and what they are all talking about, which thankfully I did avoid as I literally woke up this morning and put the Oscars on straight away, and that was poor Warren Beatty reading out the wrong Best Picture Oscar.  Everyone is talking about it, I myself gasped in horror, but it wasn’t his fault because some muppet had gone and given him the wrong bloody envelope.   The what made matters worse was the entire LaLa Land cast went up on stage, got half way through their speeches to be told it’s not their Oscar, and it actually belonged to Moonlight.  Ryan Gosling’s face just said it all really.  I felt so sorry for everyone, everyone involved.   At least Emma Stone won Best Actress, so that’s something.  They got that right.


I did like Jimmy Kimmel as host as well, and I thought the montage to the stars who had passed away this last year, including Bill Paxton who sadly passed away yesterday, was done really well.  And I thought it was really good when they got Michael J Fox up on stage too.  I thought that was a nice touch.


So the Oscars are over once again until next year.  I am pleased Viola Davis got the Oscar, Casey Affleck I quite like, the music was good this year too, I loved the dresses… I just love Oscar night.   I do hope they don’t cock anything up like that next year though because that was really embarassing.  There was even a moment when I thought they might just, I don’t know….roll with the fact LaLa Land had been read out, but you can’t do that.   Not when the winner is clearly someone else and although I haven’t seen it yet, Moonlight was the winner, so it must have been good.


Thanks for reading

Sarah x



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Watched King Kong Last Night.

I was going to start this post with a title attempting to explain why I have not posted on this blog for twenty-one, twenty-one days.   The truth is we all lead busy lives, and although I have watched one or two movies I have not been motivated enough to document them on this blog, which is true.


So I have decided to try and get back on an even keel and blog that I actually watched King Kong last night.   I had seen it before, but I couldn’t remember how this particular story went.  Obviously Kong is captured and causes havoc in New York City, but I couldn’t remember everything else.  Jack Black is Carl Denham, who has just cast beautiful Ann Darrow, played be Naomi Watts as his new lead alongside Jack Driscoll played by Adrien Brody (who was also very good in this) in an exciting motion picture that has not story or script or location…until they find this mysterious Skull Island, and despite not having any money, and Denham on the verge of being arrested, manage to escape the clutches of the law and travel to the island with a crew whom he has promised payment upon completion of the film.   Unfortunately after enjoying a day on this seemingly perfect island, they discover it’s inhabitants, human or not, are not best pleased with them being there.  It was a bit over the top in places, the creepy cannibalistic tribe, who actually were very realistic, the dinosaurs, the over-sized bugs that ate a few of them, which I did not like, but King Kong himself was very well done, ferocious and sweet at the same time.


The only thing I would say, is it was a bit long, but I guess it had to be to get the whole story told.  Ann Darrow is a struggling actress who jumps at the chance to star in this big motion picture even though she has no idea what she is letting herself in for.  She then gets captured by the tribe as an offering to Kong, and everyone goes back to save her.  Kong then takes a liking to Ann and they connect in a really sweet way, with her performing for him and just being with him, he loves the company.  But then Carl has this great idea to capture Kong, whilst rescuing Ann, and takes him to New York to be a circus act.   And in between we have bugs, and dinosaurs and creepy tribes.  It was great.

What I loved most about the movie was the air of mystery, and the sense of adventure and dread because there was a lot of that too, the imagery was very creative, and also the era that it was set in.  Loved all the costumes and the music.  It was very well done.  My only criticism was it was a bit long.

Definitely worth a watch if you fancy a ‘creature feature’.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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Been To See ‘Split’.

I actually think this movie could be one of my favourite movies from this year, and that is quite bold considering it is only January still.  Only just.  I will have to say first off, that it was quite possibly one of the best roles (and there were a few roles actually) played by James McAvoy.  He was electrifying, I think would be a great way to describe his acting.  I have seen actors play roles like his in ‘Split’ where multiple personalities take over a single person which is completely beyond their control, but I have never seen such a character played so convincingly by any one actor.


As the story goes, three young girls are abducted by a man called Dennis who has 23 distinct personalities and who is having ‘sessions’ with Doctor Fletcher (Betty Buckley) who tries to help him control them all.  I got the feeling in the beginning that, Dennis, straight-laced and psychotic, was perhaps lonely and needed some human interaction, other than the personalities in his head, and the animals that surrounded hostages’ prison.  In the beginning, the three girls do seem to be randomly chosen, they are all knocked out, and then they vanish underground.   Whilst it seems like Dennis is just keeping them for his own amusement, the girls,  start to discover his odd behaviour, and soon find out that he has dissociative identity disorder (D. I. D) as different personalities start to filter through.


I found it fascinating how McAvoy managed to channel each personality, and switch between personalities so effortless on screen.  The personality Patricia was on of my favourites, he was so convincing how he changed his appearance, from psychotic Dennis, to the cross-dressing Patricia, and then jump from there to the young, naïve Hedwig, random Barry, then back to his ‘proper self’ Kevin, the one he was before the others started coming through.  I really enjoyed all of the characters he portrayed, they were all unique and fascinating in their own ways.

As the movie goes on, the girls, Casey, Marcia and Claire try to hatch a plan to escape their individual prisons after Dennis splits them up, and after discovering that there is one personality they have not met whom the others call ‘The Beast’.   That instantly got me intrigued in itself.  You already know that personality is going to be the worst one and it was.


What I also loved about the movie was how director M. Night. Shymalan, whom I haven’t seen any of his movies for ages (The Sixth Sense and Signs are my favourites) suddenly turned this thriller movie into a full gone Horror flick as the last of Kevin’s personalities is unleashed.  It was literally like the last character had jumped out of a Stephen King book, it was shocking, it was inhuman, and it was terrifyingly, bloody good.  Bloody being the operative word as the ‘Beast’ went on the rampage.  Not even the sweet Doctor Fletcher could stop him despite having several ‘sessions’ with him to control his personalities.  I loved those moments in the movie as it made all of McAvoy’s characters even more realistic.  She genuinely tried to help him control those personalities.

I am not going to spoil it for anyone, but I knew after the ‘Beast’ was let loose things were going to get bad, and the tension and the fear that built up within the three girls, particularly at the end was just electrifying.  The movie went from psychological thriller, to Horror like a light switch.  It was awesome.  Was it scary? Towards the end… a little bit, but I love those sorts of movies   ‘Split’ is one of those movies that will completely draw you in, make you feel every emotion whilst you watch it, intrigue, shock, fear, even compassion at times, and then just when you think you have seen it all, Shymalan throws in the ultimate shocker curve ball that completely turns the movie on it’s head.  And do you know…I wanted more.  It was that good.   Why has McAvoy not been nominated for an Oscar for this, that is what I want to know, because he was awesome.  His attention to detail for each individual personality was just fascinatingly good.  He was sensational.


If you are a movie fan like me….you need to go and see ‘Split’.  Hats off to James McAvoy for playing such incredible and complex characters because he stole the show.  For me, it could quite possibly become my favourite movie of the year! And we are not even out of January yet.


Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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Watched Orange County Last Night.

I really enjoyed this movie last night.  This was one of my bargain DVDs I bought along with Sleepless In Seattle, which I also love, saw that on Wednesday, and I also bought The DaVinci Code too.  I think I got all three for a fiver.  Can’t go wrong with that.  I actually couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen this movie before, I do seem to recall how popular it was when it first came out.


Orange County was actually the movie I had not seen at all, but it was only £1 so I thought I would give it a go as I am a huge Jack Black fan, and more recently I am becoming quite a fan of Colin Hanks also.  What I loved about it was it was just a light-hearted, fun, coming of age comedy.  Colin Hanks plays Shaun Brumder, who having suffered the loss of his friend in a surfing accident, decides to do something with is life, and wants to be a writer.   He should be going to Stanford University, but his guidance councillor sends out another students transcript by mistake, ( which I actually do not think would happen in real life….but it’s a movie!!) so Shaun has to travel to Stanford with his girlfriend Ashley, and his stoner brother, Lance, played hilariously by Jack Black,  to try and get the school to acknowledge the mistake and get them to let him in.


It was genuinely very funny in places particularly with Jack Black scenes and Colin Hanks’ reactions to his family, and in general throughout the film as he tries so hard to achieve his goal of getting into college.  Ashley (Schuyler Fisk) also tries hard to support him, and I really loved the scenes where his mother (Catherine O’Hara- haven’t seen her in a movie for a while) totally screws up when the guidance councillor comes to visit.  And as for Lance….all I’ll say is great character, and classic Jack Black.  He was very good. It was just one of those movies where there was just an unfortunate series of events that prevented a bright young kid from getting into college, and pursuing his dream as a writer.   One of my favourite scenes in the movie was when Shaun found the book by Marcus Skinner in the sand on the beach.  That was pretty cool.   The chances of finding a book on the beach are pretty slim.


I would definitely recommend giving it a watch.  I have recently started watching Colin Hanks in Life In Pieces which I am also really enjoying, but Orange County seems to be one of his first movies, and when you watch it you can see the glimpses of the comedic value he brings to his character, and that must have opened the doors to his current role in Life In Pieces.   I am loving that show at the moment, it’s very good.  I just hadn’t seen many ‘movies’ that Colin Hanks had been in and I was pleasantly surprised by Orange County, it was very entertaining.  Jack Black never makes a bad movie either.  I would actually love to see Jack Black and Colin Hanks star in another comedy together one day because they were both really good in this.


Thanks for reading.

Sarah x





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A Proper Movie Day.

I had not had, what I call a proper movie day in ages.  That was until Sunday.   And what actually constitutes as a ‘proper movie day’ anyway?  Well I define it as watching more than one movie in a day.  I know lots of people do this quite often, I used to do it all the time myself a few years ago.  It has been quite a while since I have done it.


So first off we watched Captain America: Civil War, which I was so glad I watched because I missed that at the cinema, and that was really annoying.  I really enjoyed it too.  I loved the divide between the Marvel characters on how they felt about Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier.  I actually found myself feeling so sorry for all the characters in this one, particularly Iron Man and Captain America.  I loved the introduction of Spider-Man, didn’t actually expect that, but it was very well done.  I thought Tom Holland played him really well too.  And, I loved the Black Panther too.  Very mysterious character, but I love him.   On the whole it was a very entertaining movie, and just for the record, I am still Team Iron Man all the way!!!  I would also like to announce, since watching the movie, I have now followed half of the cast on Twitter, as you do.


I also watched Bridge Of Spies which I thought was very entertaining also.  Quality Tom Hanks performance as ever.  It had a great storyline which wasn’t too hard to follow, sometimes movies based around the world wars can be a bit complicated but this was quite easy to follow.  I thought Mark Rylance played a good part as Rudolph Abel as the spy they wanted to exchange for an American prisoner in the Soviet war, and Tom Hanks was his lawyer, James B Donovan.  Loved the scene settings and the depiction of war, and the tale was very well told.   And I thought it was going to be a lot heavier than it was.  It was really well done.  I thought Hank’s character did well to maintain his composure, and his professionalism throughout all the dealings he had with all the major players in the story in order to secure the release of American soldiers.  It was really good.

Really enjoyed my movie day, probably would have watched more had I had the time.  Everyone needs a movie day in their lives.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x





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Movies I Have Watched Recently.

Over the last couple of weeks have noticed that my movie viewing in general has suddenly become very Tom Hanks orientated.   As we are now nearing the end of January (already) I have moved on from the Tim Allen, The Santa Clause movies, which I did thoroughly enjoy by the way, and completely gone in the opposite direction of the ‘Christmas spirit’ by recently watching the movies The DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons.   Basically I couldn’t get any further away on how different The DaVinci Code/Angel and Demons actually are in comparison to The Santa Clause movies.   One set of those movies are fun, the others rather serious.  But there you have it.


Anyway.  The DaVinci Code I had seen before, but it had been a couple of years since I last saw it and I couldn’t remember much about it, although I did remember parts of it were filmed in Lincoln City cathedral, which just so happens to be where I live…. So that is quite cool.   Angels and Demons I hadn’t seen before.  Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon was my favourite character, he is so cool in that film.   I also thought he transitioned the character well from the first movie into this one.  I found him really fascinating, I think it’s actually one of my favourite characters of his that he has played.   I was also pleasantly surprised to find Ewan McGregor was in that movie too, which I had absolutely no idea about.  He played such a good character too, as Camerlengo Patrick McKenna.  His deception in this movie was incredible, and I had suspected it was him as well, but he played his part so sincerely I was really hoping towards the end that it wasn’t him.  Even his heroic act and his fall from the sky didn’t save him in the end.  Robert Langdon figured him out so it’s fine!!  The helicopter scene was one of my favourite parts in the movie too.  I was most annoyed when I found out Patrick McKenna was bad!


I loved the science aspect behind this movie too.  Got to admit, didn’t understand all of it, but it was still cool.  I loved the build up of suspense, the fact a bomb was going to flatten the whole of The Vatican, the murders that were played out in the movie were very elaborate, and I loved the imagery throughout the whole movie as well.  It was quite spectacular.  The acting for me was the best, from all the major players, Tom Hanks, Ewan McGregor and Ayelet Zurer who played Vittoria.  I loved the way they all drew me into the mystery.

So Angels and Demons was my favourite out of all the movies that I watched.  I did catch a bit of You’ve Got Mail the other day (Tom Hanks again) but I caught it mid way through so I need to watch that again from the beginning at some point.  I need to watch Sleepless In Seattle too.  I love that.  Haven’t seen that in years either.


Thanks for reading.

Sarah x




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Is Getting Back On Top Of Film Again.

I haven’t posted on this blog for a little while, and I think the reason for this is I have been trying to make one of my other blogs more noticeable aka Sarah’s Dreamscapes.  As I have, sort of, got it to a level where I am quite happy with it, I have decided to once again turn my attention back to this blog, and try to make this one work too.


Last year I was considering stopping my Total Film magazine.  I had a habit of building up a little pile over a period of about 3 or 4 months and not reading any of them, but so far I have been quite good, and I have been reading a fair bit of them, especially as there are quite a few movies I want to see this year, aka Sully, Beauty and the Beast, LaLa Land, Fences etc.  LaLa Land looks awesome, Emma Watson looks perfect to play Belle, and I have seen a few of the trailers recently for Sully and that looks really good.  Tom Hanks never makes a bad film anyway.   So I have decided to keep on with the Total Film for a bit longer, and see how I get on.

So besides Christmas movies, and Christmas to be fair wasn’t all that long ago, I haven’t watched many recently, which is really bad.   I would like this blog to be a bit more fun than it has been last year, by that I mean usually I can be quite serious with this blog and maybe go a bit over the top.  I need to relax it a bit.  Have more fun.  Having fun is good.

I have also decided to not write too many lists as well.  Over the last year I made a list of movies to watch.  If I recall, I succeeded in watching one movie from that list, which was actually Goosebumps, which was very good by the way.  But I didn’t watch anything else besides that.  I have decided, that it would be best just to randomly pick a movie, whether I have seen it or not, and watch it, then review it.  I reckon that could work better for me.  Provided I don’t watch the same movie five times in a row or something daft!   I could make that work.


Thanks for reading.

Sarah x




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Watched The Holiday Last Night.

The Holiday was the only movie I have watched this week, well, technically last week as it is Sunday now already.  This last week has just flown over which is really strange.  I reckon it was because I didn’t do any late nights in work last week.  That made a change.


So, I watched The Holiday last night and really love that movie because it’s just an easy to watch, kind of happy-go-lucky film with a great cast, Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet as the leading ladies, Amanda and Iris, and Jude Law and Jack Black as the leading guys, Graham and Miles, and for me they are all just as good in it as each other.  I felt like it was a great movie to watch after a hard weeks work!!!  I love the fact they switch houses, and both houses they used in the movie were so idyllic.  Normally I would have said I personally would have preferred the house in L.A. but, the house Kate Winslet owned in the UK was actually quite pleasant as well.  I could have lived there too.

I’m even torn whether I preferred Jack Black or Jude Law.  Jude Law was gorgeous in this film….but Jack Black was so sweet and funny….but they were both very good.  The little story about Arthur who got the honorary Oscar was a nice touch I thought.  The music they did for him was so cute.   And I definitely thought that Iris made the right decision to get Jasper (Rufus Sewell) out of her life in the end because he was an absolute git of a player, who didn’t deserve her.   Miles was the more decent guy for her.  And Graham was just the perfect guy for Amanda because his character was just so real, and sweet and I loved him.  I knew Amanda would stay with him in the end.  I loved her little radio ‘life updates’ that she had during the movie too.  They were really good.   I found that it was one of those movies where I was actually rooting for all four of the main characters to, well, basically sort their lives out, and they did.

It was a great movie.  Sweet, funny and easy to watch.  The Holiday is definitely one of my favourites.


Thanks for reading.

Sarah x



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It Has Been A Bit Quiet On The Movie Front.

So I haven’t actually written a post on here again for a little while, mainly because I haven’t been watching many movies, because I have been working so much.  I am not a big fan of working late nights in retail, but you have to do them!!!  I have just been a bit too wrecked when I come home at 9.45pm (when I have finished at 9pm) to write any posts.  I have been reading my Total Film magazine however, and I must say I am really looking forward to the new Star Wars: Rogue One movie, and am especially looking forward to Ben Affleck’s Live By Night, which looks absolutely amazing.  Really cannot wait for that.


But I haven’t been watching many movies.  Mainly I have been watching TV shows, I have just got into a show called White Collar starring Matt Bomer and it is really good.   Totally different from the roles he has played in American Horror Story.  He even looks different.  I think White Collar is a very good show and I have only seen two episodes.

I have also been planning some blog posts for my other blog, my ‘lifestyle’ blog (this is obviously my movie blog really) and I have planned two posts already.  This post was actually not planned but I wanted to make sure everyone still knew I was still alive…you know…


And it will soon be time to get the Christmas movie viewing well under way.  I know a lot of people think it’s still a bit too early to start watching Christmas movies, but I don’t!!!  I have already got that song from Muppet Christmas Carol in my head.   It goes….”It’s in the singing of the street corner choir, it’s going home and getting warm by the fire, it’s true wherever you find love, it feels like Christmas!!!’

I love that song!!!

And there are loads more Christmas movies I want to see too.  Loads!!!


Thanks for reading.

Sarah x



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How My Week Has Gone.

I actually have not put a post up for a little while now so I thought I would touch base so to speak as I have been working at my day job so much lately, doing sales… and late nights!  Before you know it a week has gone by, and then ten days like it is today.  I don’t know what has happened in the last week.  It has just flown over.  The whole of November has just flown over actually.  We have even had Black Friday!!  That came and went!


In truth, I have not watched any movies at all, and I haven’t even been watching any of my current favourite show, How to get away with murder, either.  Instead I have just been working and today I got back from visiting family for a couple of days, which was good.  Quite often in the past I have not been able to get to see family this time of year so I was pleased.

I have started my Christmas shopping.  I have done a little bit so far, though not an awful lot because I don’t get paid till tomorrow.  I am so very excited about getting paid tomorrow!   I have however been to my staff Christmas meal which was last Saturday night at Revolution Bar and that was lovely, I had a really nice night with everyone and the food was very nice as well especially the pudding which was a chocolate brownie, and I love chocolate brownies…with ice cream and cream of course.   I was working on Sunday this week too, and it was so busy.  I think Sunday’s are the new Saturdays now.  The day just started and ended.

And I have just finally managed to catch up with X Factor, which was a good show,  I actually think it is better than last years X Factor, and thankfully now, Honey G has gone.  I am so pleased because she was so annoying.

Now it is back to late nights again.  It is Christmas market week so the shop stays open till 9pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week.  The joys!


Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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