How My Week Has Gone.

I actually have not put a post up for a little while now so I thought I would touch base so to speak as I have been working at my day job so much lately, doing sales… and late nights!  Before you know it a week has gone by, and then ten days like it is today.  I don’t know what has happened in the last week.  It has just flown over.  The whole of November has just flown over actually.  We have even had Black Friday!!  That came and went!


In truth, I have not watched any movies at all, and I haven’t even been watching any of my current favourite show, How to get away with murder, either.  Instead I have just been working and today I got back from visiting family for a couple of days, which was good.  Quite often in the past I have not been able to get to see family this time of year so I was pleased.

I have started my Christmas shopping.  I have done a little bit so far, though not an awful lot because I don’t get paid till tomorrow.  I am so very excited about getting paid tomorrow!   I have however been to my staff Christmas meal which was last Saturday night at Revolution Bar and that was lovely, I had a really nice night with everyone and the food was very nice as well especially the pudding which was a chocolate brownie, and I love chocolate brownies…with ice cream and cream of course.   I was working on Sunday this week too, and it was so busy.  I think Sunday’s are the new Saturdays now.  The day just started and ended.

And I have just finally managed to catch up with X Factor, which was a good show,  I actually think it is better than last years X Factor, and thankfully now, Honey G has gone.  I am so pleased because she was so annoying.

Now it is back to late nights again.  It is Christmas market week so the shop stays open till 9pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week.  The joys!


Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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5 Interesting Movie Facts I Have Discovered Today.

Holmes and Watson Movie Adds To Cast.

I am already really looking forward to the new Holmes and Watson movie.   Sherlock Holmes is my favourite ever fictional detective.  I think Hollywood could actually make tons of movies based on him and Watson.  They are just so cool.  Playing Holmes and Watson in the new movie are Will Ferrell and John C Reilly.   I cannot wait to see them acting together again because the are both so funny together.

Picture: John C Reilly and Will Ferrell.


Casting those two actors to start with is just incredible.  If you haven’t seen them working together before, do check out the movie Step Brothers.  It is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen.  Brilliant acting from both Ferrell and Reilly.  So anyway they have now added Rebecca Hall (The BFG) Kelly MacDonald (Swallows and Amazons) and Rob Brydon.  I love Rob Brydon, he is awesome.  I can’t tell you how excited I am for this film.  I think it is actually going to be very funny and very entertaining.

The Walking Dead Movie.

Of course they will want to make a Walking Dead movie!!!  I will actually be very surprised if they don’t.  The Walking Dead, as popular as it is, is one TV show I, unbelievably, haven’t got round to watching yet.   And I do want to watch it.  I love Andrew Lincoln from his ‘Teachers’ days!  If you haven’t watched that show I would definitely recommend it, it’s brilliant!  And it’s not that I think it will be really scary because I have seen scary TV shows before aka American Horror Story, so I will have to get to it if I want to see the movie which I have no doubt Hollywood will be making at some point.  I reckon the fans will vote for it to be made anyway.  Give it a couple of years, it will be out!

Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellan Had Never Played Chess Before X-Men.

Really??! I thought this one was a joke actually.  I have seen every single episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and I was certain I have seen Patrick Stewart play chess at least once in that show.  Mind you, even if he did it wouldn’t be for real anyway I guess.  For some reason as well, I thought Ian McKellan would be just the type to enjoy playing a bit of chess on the weekends, but obviously not.  How intriguing.  I will have to admit I am quite surprised by that.   I bet they both play chess now.

Picture: Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan.  X-Men.


Catwoman Will Not Appear In The New Batman.

I can’t really remember how Anne Hathaway played Catwoman in the last Batman movie, which obviously was The Dark Knight Rises made in 2012, I cannot believe it’s been nearly five years since that was out!  Despite the fact I am not sure just whether or not Anne Hathaway had been approached to reprise her role for the new Batman movie, Catwoman will not be in it anyway.   Catwoman obviously isn’t the villain in the new movie then.  I know who I would like it to be.  I want it to be The Penguin!!!  I would love it to be The Penguin, he was weird.   Hopefully will shall find out soon enough.

Michael Caine Completely Forgot His Lines The First Time He Saw The Joker.

This has got to be one of the best movie facts I have actually discovered for a little while.  I never knew this.  Heath Ledger is my favourite Joker, I know Jack Nicholson was awesome too, but there are other movies out there that Jack Nicholson has starred in that I prefer him in.   Heath Ledger, I always thought was born to play that role, and he played it brilliantly.  So it turns out that Michael Caine was so spellbound by Ledger’s transformation, that he forgot his lines and just stood there obviously completely lost in his own world.   To be fair when I saw a picture of Heath Ledger in my Total Film magazine, I couldn’t believe it either.  I did genuinely believe that was one of Hollywood’s greatest pieces of casting ever.  Heath Ledger was an amazing Joker.   It is definitely not like Michael Caine to forget his lines either.

Picture: Michael Caine and Heath Ledger.  The Dark Knight.


Hope you have enjoyed my new found movie facts today.


Thanks for reading.


Sarah x







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Goosebumps Movie 2016.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Goosebumps movie which I watched last night over dinner.   Every now and again, it’s nice to watch a light-hearted, very imaginative comedy movie, and particularly when it stars Jack Black because he is just such an incredibly funny actor to start with.   He is definitely one of my favourites.  The Goosebumps cast were all very good, because the kids played by Dylan Minnette (Zach), Odeya Rush (Hannah) and Ryan Lee (Champ) were all very believable and brought about a great sense of adventure to the movie, and some brilliant comedic quips particularly from Ryan Lee.   However, for me and as always, Jack Black completely stole the show with his rather abrupt and moody interpretation of R. L Stine.

Goosebumps Synopsis.

Goosebumps is about teenager Zach, who moves to the town of Delaware with his mother, Gale,  following the death of his father.  It turns out mysterious writer, R. L Stine who after reportedly doing vanishing act, suddenly reappears with his daughter Hannah and lives next door.   Having befriended lovably muppet Champ at school,  Zach calls him one night after hearing rather strange noises coming from Stine and Hannah’s house to help him investigate.   What they weren’t expecting, was finding locked books in Stine’s library that just so happen to come alive when you opened them.

What I loved about the movie was the whole unpredictability of it.  The kids would accidently leave a book unlocked and a Yeti type creature would jump out and start chasing them, or a plant would escape that was like they had stolen it from The War Of The Worlds and reek havoc in the neighbourhood.   And as the movie went on you found out that Stine’s imagination was so strong, any book he wrote (which was always on a particular typewriter that happened to be locked in the town school on display) happened to come alive before your very eyes.    I thought that in itself was a fantastic concept.

One of my favourite characters and probably the part I loved the most about the movie was the villain, which happened to be Slappy the talking ventriloquist doll.  His scene where he just appeared from nowhere and started talking about destroying Stine and taking over the world was just awesome.  The scene where he appeared and just said ‘hi dad’ to Stine was great because Stine’s reaction was one of complete and utter terror, because Slappy was the character he had created to express his dark side and I thought that was really good.   Slappy was so weird and spooky, but then again, so was Stine.  Slappy was a great character.

Despite the fact I loved all of the monsters in the movie, Slappy, the werewolf, the yeti, the ghouls in the graveyard were also designed very well and very believable and the gnomes were little buggers as well.  Loved them.   My favourite scene of the movie was when Zach and Hannah went to the deserted fairground and they climbed up the Ferris wheel and sat there talking for a while.  I really liked that scene because it was just quite random but really sweet at the same time.   Expanding from this, I really loved the whole mystery surrounding Hannah.  I thought that in general was a brilliant piece of creative writing.

I enjoyed the action in the movie and the story was very well thought out, very creative and spontaneous.   Jack Black was amazing as always, and I just loved the general idea of how the stories of R.L Stine were brought to life and how they had to burn the books to destroy them.    I found Goosebumps very imaginative, unpredictable and refreshing, with a great mixture of creepiness and fun.


Thanks for reading.

Sarah x







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Scream: Case Study.

It has been so long since I have seen the movie Scream so I decided to watch it tonight.  Once regarded as the birth of the ‘teen slasher’ movie, I actually find that Scream hasn’t really dated all that much, I still find it scary now as I did back then.  What I most loved about it was the fact that it was such a simple idea and it reminded me of a classic murder mystery story, but made purely for the 21st century.  With spoilers.

I mean, I thought it was brilliant that at the time the movie’s biggest star, Drew Barrymore, literally dies within the first ten minutes.  She gets this call from this random guy who just starts asking her if she likes scary movies.   The call obviously freaks her out and she hangs up.   When he calls back he threatens to and I quote ‘gut her like a fish’ and then shows her her boyfriend taped to a chair in her garden before he kills him.  I like scary movies too, some of them, and after seeing ‘Scream’ for the first time I definitely found it to be something quite different.   It’s like, you get asked a question about a horror movie, if you get it right, you don’t die! Great.   But of course the rules in a horror movie always seem to change.   I thought, as truly awful and horrifying as it was, one of the things they did so well when Drew Barrymore’s character Casey dies, her parents literally get home and walk through the front door as Casey is taken out the back and strung up by a tree.   And then her parents find her.  First indication that Scream is one of the greatest horror movies ever.

Then we meet Sidney, played by Neve Campbell.  I always thought how pretty Neve Campbell was, and her boyfriend Billy, played by Skeet Ulrich was pretty hot too.  I knew something was a bit weird when Billy says he watched The Exorcist and thought of her, obvious reference to a scary movie, but it was also a random thing to say and quite unsettling too as it seems the two characters had been dating for two years, begging the question, do you really know someone?!   They seemed so happy together, but you could tell he was a bit of a lovesick puppy, and she was most definitely a tease.

As news begins to surface of Casey’s death we are introduced to Dewey the deputy sheriff played by David Arquette who comes in to the school to ask the kids questions as part of the investigation, and a comment is made about Sidney’s father, but it is unclear as to how it is connected at the time, but as the movie goes on we learn how Sydney’s mother was also murdered in the town.  We  also get to meet Sidney’s friends too.  And apart from joking about putting someone’s liver in a mailbox….there was nothing unusual about them either.

I love how Sydney, and Casey lived in ridiculously big houses where they were constantly there on their own with a killer on the loose who had plenty of places to hide and wait for the perfect opportunity to pounce.  I think this movie is why I don’t ever want a really big house.  I would be checking all the rooms all the time.  And of course she is on her own when the killer calls her the first time.   One of my favourite lines in the movie is when Sydney says, in regards to scary movies, “They always star some big-breasted girl, who can’t act who’s always running up the stairs when she should be running out the front door, it’s insulting.”  It’s brilliant.  And what was so great was, when the killer popped out from the closet she fought him off, but because she had put the chain on the door, she had to run up the bloody stairs anyway because it was the quickest escape route she had.  Fantastic scene!

It seemed as the movie went on the killer was always one step ahead, phoning Sydney at her friends house and the only way they could have known she was there was if the killer or someone close to them was actually with her, or just simply following her wherever she went.  There were two parts to the movie I generally found were most terrifying.   One was the obvious fact you immediately got the feeling the killer was always there, but you didn’t know who it was because you couldn’t see them.   And the second part was the general weight of horror and pain that was already rested on Sydney’s shoulders knowing her mother was murdered, but also the fact that she herself was also considered a suspect because she is considered disturbed and delusion following her mother’s death.  It’s so cruel.  And then of course, whilst she is trying to get over that, Ghostface jumps out of nowhere to chase her again.

You have to watch the movie very carefully.  As I am writing this now, I have seen Scream before in the past but there are things I had forgotten, but I do remember who the killer was… and I must say knowing that now makes me see how brilliantly this character and all the others surrounding them acted, and how well they actually disguised the fact that it was them.  It was like they were using a ‘mis-direction’ technique, in my opinion, which was so well executed throughout the entire movie.   That, tied in with the ‘dreaded music’ cue every time a character simply popped up at any time in the movie and made another character jump, made me slightly freak out too.  It happened so much throughout the film too.  It was awesome.

The one death that really was a bit sad, from Sydney’s point of view was when her friend Tatum, played by Rose McGowan was killed.  By getting squashed at the top of an electric garage door because she tried to get through the cat flap (might have been a dog flap actually) to get away from Ghostface and he turned the electric garage on and killed her.  Really felt sorry for both of them.

Parts of it were quite comical.  Another one of my favourite scenes was when they explain the three rules of surviving a horror movie 1) You can never have sex.  Sex equals death  2) You can never do drugs and number 3) Never, ever say you will be right back….because you won’t be back.  It’s brilliant.   And when poor Billy…..gets stabbed…Ghostface just casually stands there for a few moments, wipes his knife clean with his hand and then goes after Sydney.  Loved the chasing in the movie.  The chasing was the best.   The way people just disappeared as well, the three lads and the girls who were watching the scary movie just vanished when Dewey runs in to inspect the house when he hears screaming.  Where the hell did every one go?!  And also, Dewey gets stabbed in the back, by all accounts he should have died but he doesn’t.     The other thing was…how the hell do you not notice the boot door is opening when Sydney is in the car?!!! How do you not notice!!

I love asking myself all these questions.  Scream is such an amazing slasher horror film.  Like I said, you have to watch it carefully so you don’t miss anything thing.  I missed loads the first time around.  I was really intrigued and a little bit annoyed to find out that Billy was one of the killers along with Stuart (Matthew Lillard).  Billy seemed so sweet to Sidney, but I guess the killer is always the one you least expect.

What else did I love about this movie.  It was suspenseful, it was a mystery and at times it was a little bit crazy too.  Was it scary?  Well….  I have seen scarier movies, Scream will not be giving me nightmares, but I thought the characters in it were very believable,  especially Neve Campbell’s Sydney, the storyline was incredible and played out in a realistic fashion, and Ghostface was just amazing.  Definitely one to watch if you love scary movies.


Thanks for reading.

Sarah x














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Witness, My One Movie.

Here we are again one week after my last post, I really do not know where all the these days are going.  We are approaching the middle of November already, and soon it will be Christmas.   So I watched the movie Witness at the start of this week, on Monday.  It was one of those movies I have always been meaning to watch and it did get a really good write up from movie critics.  I also found it quite intriguing to see actor Harrison Ford in one of his earlier movie roles….that wasn’t connected in any way to Star Wars.  I loved his character John Book because he was a very ‘matter of fact’ guy, who is suddenly thrown into a world he doesn’t understand.

I did enjoy the movie.  I thought the plot was very believable, a young Amish boy Samuel, played by Lucas Haas, witnesses a murder and Harrison Ford’s John Book has to protect him and his mother Rachel, played by Kelly McGillis.  I loved how the movie was set as well, you caught a glimpse of what an Amish community was like and I found it to be really realistic, and actually quite charming too.


Throughout the movie you could feel how tense John Book was as he tried to learn the Amish way whilst undercover protecting his witness, but I really loved the way how the movie progressed how he adapted to his new way of life and even how he helped them build a house for a couple, I thought that was just lovely.

The one thing I would have liked to have seen a bit more of is ‘conflict’.  There obviously was the initial witness of the murder, and the corrupt cops who tried to shut Book down, but I would have loved to have seen a bit more.  The last couple of scenes at the end when Samuel and Book were hiding from cops McFee and Schaffer (Danny Glover and Josef Sommer) was quite tense and acted brilliantly and they were really my favourite parts of the whole movie.   I could actually feel the tension and I loved that about it.   Would have just liked a tiny bit more conflict in the middle of the movie.

I really loved Harrison Ford in this, he was very watchable and for me I actually prefer it when he plays ‘serious’ characters because I find his screen presence is so much more….on fire!   I found he was on a similar level to when he played Richard Kimble in The Fugitive. He gave me a captivating performance in both movies.

It is a little dated made in 1985, but I enjoyed it.   I think it was one of the movies that certainly made Harrison Ford as great as he is today.


Thanks for reading.


Sarah x


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Where Did This Week Go?

Normally I am a bit more on top of my blogging game, but not this week.  This week has been taken over by my day job and I have been really, really busy in the shop where I work.   And every time I have come home this week I have been a bit knackered to tell you the truth.  So for the most part of my evenings when I have got home, I have spent them on the couch watching Hollyoaks, although I did watch Graham Norton’s show this week as well.   Eddie Redmayne was on it talking about the new ‘Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them’ movie, and Bryan Cranston was on it too,  I like him as well.   It was such a funny show I loved it.  I quite like Eddie Redmayne, he in particular was really funny on the show.  He is actually a really great character in real life too, he seemed very genuine.   And he can do magic! Which is also really cool.

I did manage to watch one movie this week.  Only one.  Which is very unlike me.   I can sometimes manage to sneak in about three or four in a week.  Mind you technically I still have today if you think of your seven day week as Sunday to Saturday, which actually I do.  Anyway, one movie.  That was Back To The Future 3!   So in about two weeks I have managed to watch all three of those.  They are all very good.  I find that the third movie is always the one I forget.   I love the train at the end when it comes crashing back to the future to Marty, the futuristic train replacing the car that got smashed to pieces by said train.  It looked very impressive.  I think the second movie is actually my favourite out of all three.  But only just, because the first was just a classic.  The thing I like about the second one was the characters of Marty and Biff Tannen’s interaction, and the characters moving just backwards and forwards in time in general.  It was very clever.   Also a big shout out to Christopher Lloyd who is still going strong still.  I believe he has a new movie out (I Am Not A Serial Killer) at the moment.  So good for him.

So here we are and I have another weekend off work, which is nice.  I keep getting weekends off lately, but I am not complaining.  I shall probably start to scour Netflix shortly to see what movies I can watch.  I have noticed how a lot of bloggers tend to plan their weeks and their posts out quite often, but I don’t usually do that all that much.  I think it is because it takes me quite a while to choose a movie to watch because I am not the most decisive of people.  I am sure I can find a few to watch anyway there are quite a few new ones being released so plenty to choose from.   Moving slightly away from movies, I also need to get caught up with How To Get Away With Murder too.  I love that show at the moment, it’s my favourite.  Viola Davis is a legend!  I haven’t watched that for about four days either.  Best get caught up.


Thanks for reading.

Sarah x



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Things You Will Never Hear In A Horror Movie.

I do like watching some Horror films, there are several movies from the eighties that I have tried to watch but found they are just really, really dated.   And really I have to be in the right frame of mind to watch one as well.   I have just been having a browse on the internet this morning and I have, amusingly, found a few articles on ‘Things you will never hear in a horror movie”.  I have just found it very interesting, and really funny.

This is one I have just come up with myself:

“I have told you before, stop talking to the TV! …But if you do and it answers you back, just ignore it, it’s fine!!



Poltergeist, the original Poltergeist, is one of my favourite scary movies of all time.  I personally now don’t find it very scary at all, but it is still one of my all time favourites because I find it very atmospheric and I really love that quality about it.  The plot of course is awesome too.   I do love it when Hollywood makes a movie that is a pisstake of a popular Horror movie though.  The Scary Movie franchise was very funny.  Well it was in the beginning.

So here are a few others I have found that I think are really funny:


“Before you kill me let me just check my messages, hold please!”

I can’t imagine that being said in Scream as GhostFace looms over the intended victim with a twelve inch blade.

“Oh look a hitchhiker, shall will pick him up and give him a lift?”

Probably best not!!


“I’ll hide upstairs, he will never find me there.  If I run out the door it is just way too obvious!”

The last words from the first character to die.


“Before we take our trip, lets get the car checked out.  We don’t want it to randomly break down if a sticky situation arises”.

I always check my car before I go on a trip.  That is just common sense surely.


“Let’s all stick together whilst we investigate the creepy noises”.

That definitely never happens in a scary movie.  They always split up without fail.  Even if they don’t split up by their own free will, the monster/serial killer will split them up at some point anyway.   This scenario usually is the one where the serial killer themselves is actually already among the group.


“That running car might be a great getaway, but I would rather run into a deserted area and trip on nothing!”

That is brilliant!   Out of all the ones I have read, that is hilarious.  So the character races past an obviously running car that they could have jumped into and speed away leaving the killer behind, but instead they keep running and trip on…. the ground??…or just over their own feet, allowing the killer to pounce.  Idiots!!  That is my favourite, I cannot stop laughing at that one!


Horror films are supposed to be frightening but isn’t strange when you find something funny about a horror movie.  Whether it be the victims trying to escape and making a complete and utter mess of it, tripping over or something, or not turning the lights on, or going into that creepy looking house when they shouldn’t.  I always find something comical about them at some point.  Like I said, I haven’t watched one in a while.  After reading some of these I might have to watch ‘Scream’ again at some point because that is one of my favourites.    Definitely a good movie for Halloween.


Thanks for reading.

Sarah x





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Top Ten Movie Facts I Found Today.

I love reading movie facts, especially when I discover something I have not heard of before.   I love it, sometimes I just can’t get enough of them.   It is also particularly interesting when I know I have seen the film, like, years and years ago, and I find out a fact I never knew about it.   So here are my top ten movie facts I found today.


Coming in at Number 10….

Picture: The Usual Suspects.


The idea for the poster for the movie ‘The Usual Suspects’ made in 1995 (I was twelve!) was thought of way before any script had been written.   I thought that was a pretty cool one to start with.   ‘The Usual Suspects’ definitely had one of the greatest twist endings of all time.   I had to watch it three times before I worked out what was going on in the end myself.  It is still one of my favourite movies ever.   It is really cool to think they came up with a story from a picture of five silhouettes standing in a line up!  I love it.

Number 9.

Dan Aykroyd’s original script for ‘Ghostbusters’, (it was Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis which I didn’t know until today, RIP Harold Ramis!) well it was set in the future, where their characters had ordinary jobs like a fireman or a doctor.   Awesome.  Ghostbusters in disguise! I still prefer how they did it anyway, but that sounded like it could have been an interesting idea for the movie too.

Number 8.

Benedict Cumberbatch recorded his own screen test when he auditioned for Star Trek: Into Darkness….in his best friend’s kitchen, using his iPhone.  I love it.   And I love Benedict Cumberbatch too, and the sound of his voice.   You can just for a moment, picture him doing his audition on his iPhone in this friend’s kitchen.  I wonder if his mate recorded it as well.   That would be cool.  The one day it could somehow wind up on youtube or something.

Number 7.

Picture: The Godfather.


In ‘The Godfather’ the actor John Marley’s scream of fright was actually real, because in the scene with the horse….well basically he had not been told that the decapitated horse’s head was real!   To me, that whole thing sounds bloody horrific!!!  I think I would be screaming as well.

Number 6.

Bela Lugosi’s face (aka Dracula) was used as the model for playing Satan in Walt Disney’s classic movie ‘Fantasia’ in 1940.   That fact actually rings a bell to me.   I reckon I may have perhaps read that at some point in one of my Total Film magazines.   I think it is still pretty cool though.

Number 5.

It took fifteen people to operate the mechanical shark in Jaws.  That I can definitely understand as I recall seeing some on set photos from the movie, in my Total Film magazine of course, and although it does sound rather an awful lot, that rubber shark was bloody huge.  They had to make it realistic after all.  Remember though, it is just a rubber shark!   It is still safe to go in the water…..

Picture: Jaws.


Number 4.

This next fact actually doesn’t sound like it could be true, but I did read it on a Hollywood movie website.   ‘The Muppet Movie’ was ‘cut and censored’ by New Zealand on the grounds that it was too violent!   Are they having me on here?! Apparently not, but to be honest I don’t believe it.   How can a ‘Muppet’ movie be classed as violent?   I may decide to look into that one a bit further in the future, because honestly, I don’t believe it.   Then again, stranger things have happened where Hollywood is concerned.

Number 3.

Whilst filming ‘The Hunger Games’, Jennifer Lawrence accidently kicked Josh Hutcherson in the head….ouch…not quite sure which scene, it didn’t say.   And yes I would have thought that must have really hurt, but it turns out she actually knocked him unconscious for a whole fifteen minutes.   He then had to go to hospital to be treated for a concussion.   He was okay thankfully.  I bet he had one hell of a headache though.

Picture: The Hunger Games.


Number 2.

For my number 2 spot, being a huge Stephen King fan as I am, I love that whilst ‘The Shining’ was being filmed legendary film director Stanley Kubrick would reportedly phone Stephen King up every night at 3am, and ask him questions about the book and the characters.  Three o’clock in the morning…isn’t that ‘witching hour’?  Anyway….When Kubrick asked King ‘did he believe in God?’ King replied “Yes”, and apparently, Kubrick just yelled “I knew it!” and slammed the phone down on him.   I thought that was very random.  But I like random!

And for my top spot….

Number 1.

Picture: The Breakfast Club.


Out of all of the movie facts I have read today, this one is by far my favourite.   Another one of my favourite movies of all time is ‘The Breakfast Club’.    I loved it because it was a simple idea which was turned into a great movie because of it’s incredible, top quality acting.   I was a big Emilio Estevez fan back when I first saw this which was when I was probably about twelve or thirteen.   Anyway, I have just found out that in the scene where all the characters are sat in a circle on the floor in the library and they have to tell each other why they are in detention, that iconic scene wasn’t actually scripted!!   That for me has just made this movie more awesome than it already was!  Director John Hughes just told them to improvise!   No part of that scene was scripted at all, apart from the obvious sit down in the library part.   Brilliant.   That also just proves to me just how incredible all those actors were in that one scene.   Plus the fact that they were still all pretty young at that point too.   Definitely my favourite fact today.

Like I said, I love reading movie facts.  Like the movies themselves, I never seem to grow tired of them.


Thanks for reading.

Sarah x








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Case Study: The Mask.

This is my second case study.  I thought my first, ‘Insidious’ did ok, but this time around I have chosen to do something a bit more on the ‘lighter’ side.  Starring Jim Carrey, and made in 1994, ‘The Mask’ is one of my favourite 90s movies, and it happened to be only the second Jim Carrey movie I had seen after Ace Ventura: Pet Detective which was also made in the same year.


Picture: The Mask.


‘The Mask’ hold a special moment for me in my movie fan history because years ago, after I had decided I was a full blown movie fan ( I was about twelve or thirteen) I managed to somehow convince my mum into joining a ‘movie club’ which was first advertised in the TV guide we always used to get every week, and when you joined this club you could order videos (not DVDs!!) at a discounted price provided you bought I think it was about six a year, but for the first order you could have four movies completely free.   It was awesome!  ‘The Mask’ was one of the videos I chose, along with Casper, Batman Forever and Star Trek: Generations.   When I think about that time now I realise that I got them so cheap because videos were already being phased out ready to be replaced by DVDs.   But you know what, nothing would be able to take away the excitement and joy I used to feel when that new video was delivered through my door!!!  I used to get so ecstatic!!!

So with that bit of history out of the way with…..

‘The Mask’ was a huge surprise for me.   Admittedly when I chose it from this movie club I hadn’t actually seen it.  I did that a lot when I was younger, buy movies before watching them.  I chose it because of how freakish looking Jim Carrey’s character looked on the front cover.   I thought he looked quite cool.

Picture: Cameron Diaz as Tina Carlyle.


So we have this character, sweet, gullible Stanley Ipkiss, and his little dog Milo.   He works in a bank and he is a ‘nobody’.  But then he is introduced to the gorgeous Tina Carlyle, played by Cameron Diaz, who wants to open a bank account, and he falls in love with her.   It is actually very sweet.  But….after Stanley is chucked out of the nightclub where Tina works he fears Tina will never look at him twice.   Because he is ‘a nobody’.

But then Ipkiss finds The Mask floating in a river.   Strangely, he doesn’t even put The Mask on straight away.   The defining moment comes when he watches a TV show where this professor type guy goes on, talking about how ‘everyone wears a mask’ which I think is a message in itself because to a certain degree, at times we can all do that in (I quote) “…a way of adopting a more socially appropriate image of ourselves”.   So for a movie that is quite funny, and wacky I would say, the movie still carries a very serious message.

Picture: Stanley Ipkiss (Jim Carrey) with the ‘Mask’.


Jim Carrey really shows how great an actor he is when he transforms into The Mask.  He goes from sweet, sensitive Stanley, who feels like the only one who truly loves him is his dog Milo, into the confident, crazy, lovestruck ‘Mask’ in the blink of an eye.  He literally looked as though he had just jumped out of a comic book.   My first favourite scene is where he stands in the mirror for the first time and says ” It’s party time.  P A R T why, because I gotta” proved how a good comedy actor could turn into a great comedy actor, because it was like he was a completely different person, although I could still tell it was Jim Carrey even though he looked really weird with all that make up.   Everything he did from then on was so cartoon like, from the alarm clock, the eye popping, the wolf whistling, the dancing, the facial expressions.  They were all done brilliantly.  There were even bits of the movie that reminded me fondly of ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ as well.  The laughs and screams The Mask made, the cartoon-like adventures he had like making a cartoon Tommy gun out of balloons and scaring the bad guys away, and peeling his flat self off the ground after falling from a great height, the way he danced as he listened to jazz music.  I really loved all that in the movie.  It made it fun.

Picture: Eye-popping Mask.


As the story goes, upon discovering he can actually do anything once he is The Mask, Stanley goes and robs the bank where he works.  Unfortunately it happens to be the same bank criminal mastermind Dorian, wanted to rob too, but The Mask gets there before his men can.    Despite the cops sniffing around him and trying to keep the money hidden them and the evil Dorian, The Mask still decides to turn up at Dorian’s club, in an embarrassingly big car, for some evening entertainment.  Thus follows my next favourite scene of the movie, when The Mask dances with Tina and has a great time much to Dorian’s disgust.  That was just such a fun scene.   The music was great,   it had lots of energy and it always gets me jigging along with it too, every time.  I love it.  Unfortunately it is short-lived because Dorian’s henchmen recognize The Mask from the bank robbery and the party is swiftly over.   Luckily the cops crash the party but after finding a piece of Stanley’s tie, cops Kellaway and Doyle start to suspect Stanley has something to do with the robbery too and go and question him.   Of course Stanley has the several hundred thousand bills stashed in his kitchen cupboard he is desperately trying to keep hidden from the police when they come round for a chat.   That was really funny.

Picture: Dorian as the evil Mask.


So The Mask has now gained an enemy in Dorian, because not only did he just steal all his money, but he also got one of his friends killed in the process.   Now with snooping news reporter Peggy Brandt, played by Amy Yasbeck also suspecting Ipkiss is the Mask, Ipkiss does his best to elude the Dorian, Peggy and the police, but fails dismally because the cops catch up with him, which leads on to the funniest dance scene I have ever seen in a movie ever, the ‘Rumba Beat’ dance scene.  That scene was classic Jim Carrey at his best.  I mean he was dressed like a Mexican and had maracas.  It was amazing.  All the cops were dancing, and poor Doyle, he wanted to dance too but Kellaway stopped him and said he would blow his brains out if he started dancing!   That was a great scene.

Picture: Rumba Beat, Jim Carrey.


I felt so sorry for Stanley when he is betrayed by Peggy, because after she suspects Stanley is The Mask, Peggy goes and offers the information to Dorian for a pay out, and I thought that was so mean.   So Dorian gets The Mask from Stanley and puts it on himself and just basically becomes a bigger git than he was before.  Peter Greene who plays Dorian has this really great chiselled face already and they matched the make up perfectly to the contours of his face, and made it look bigger and more scary.  I loved it.

I also loved the fact that out of all of the characters in the movie, the one who ends up breaking Stanley out of jail after he is arrested for being ‘The Mask’, is Milo the dog, so he can go and rescue Tina who is being hounded by Dorian’s henchmen.   And then he has to save the day as Stanley Ipkiss because Dorian has planned to steal all the money from the charity ball that is supposed to be for sick kids!!!  He can’t let that happen!!

I thought ‘The Mask’ was a great movie.  I particularly loved to see exactly how diverse Jim Carrey, as an actor, could be.  He was sensational in this.  You could always tell ‘The Mask’ was Jim Carrey, but he made that character so real.  True, it was a bit crazy at times but there were lots of funny moments, and I mean real laugh out loud moments.  And then there were moments when Jim Carrey’s Stanley was wandering aimlessly like a lovesick puppy and he was a bit lost.   When he found ‘The Mask’, Ipkiss thought he had found himself, but it turned out it was when he took the Mask off that Stanley discovered the real him, and that actually, he didn’t need the Mask at all.  After all, it was Stanley who got the girl in the end.


Thanks for reading.

Sarah x



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Exciting Movie News I Have Discovered Today.

I had read when I started surfing the internet and Twitter earlier that there were no pictures of the new Beauty and the Beast movie because they had been taken down.  Well, that cannot be right as I have just found one!  Not only does Belle played by Emma Watson look stunning, but the Beast (Dan Stevens) looks incredible too.   I think the make up they have used makes him looks so realistic.  I am quite excited for this one.

Picture: Beauty and the Beast.


I have always wanted that dress!  I still want that dress!!!

Moving on….

The new Spiderman, Homecoming, has wrapped filming.  Spiderman was one of those movies that I thought, seriously, they are actually doing this again? I am a big fan of the originals, I kind of wish they had left them at that, although Andrew Garfield did play the part really well.   Seems like it was only five minutes ago the last lot came out.   This movie has a brand new villain apparently although they haven’t gone into too much detail, so I am sure it will be good.   I still love Tobey Maguire as Spiderman really, but we shall see how Tom Holland fairs anyway.

I am also really looking forward to seeing The Girl On The Train, which from what I have read and heard from people who I know, has this really dark edgy atmosphere about it, and I love that kind of thing.  A lot of people have read the book and have said how good it is.  I would actually quite like to read the book too, and I really do, but I don’t want it to spoil the film because that’s just what I am like.   I quite looking forward to seeing Emily Blunt play the lead role as well I really like her as an actress, and it just looks so dark and mysterious.  I love dark and mysterious!   So I will watch the film I think when it comes out, then I shall read the book after!

Also, having just read this article about some movies that have not particularly ‘aged’ well, there are some I agree with, and some I don’t.  The Blair Witch Project definitely hasn’t aged well, even though I still think it is what I would call a random horror classic.  Braveheart, I haven’t seen in a while so I can’t really comment.   Forest Gump, that I do not agree with.  Forest Gump is an amazing movie and one of my all time Tom Hanks films, so I totally think they got that wrong in my opinion.  Hackers….yeah, that is really bad.  Despite having Jonny Lee Miller in it, Hackers is no Trainspotting!!!   Robin Hood: Prince Of Theives….I am sorry nobody disses that!!  How dare they.  Alan Rickman is a legend!   I disagree with Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom too, that is one of my favourites as well.   And the last one that really annoys me because I think it has aged well and is and always will be a classic, is The Fast and the Furious.  The very first Fast and Furious is a classic racing car movie and I love it.


Thanks for reading.

Sarah x



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