The Martian.

I do enjoy a good Matt Damon movie every now and again, and he certainly did not disappoint me with this movie.  I thoroughly enjoyed ‘The Martian’.  In a nutshell, the movie is about a group of astronauts who take a trip into space to survey Mars.  However, during a turbulent storm, they are forced to abandon the planet, but astronaut Mark Watney aka Matt Damon gets left behind.

Picture: Matt Damon as Mark Watney.


Some spoilers.

As it turns out, Mark Watney is a ‘botanist’ which is rather handy, and he is able to teach himself how to make water and grow food, mainly potatoes, that keep him alive.  I found it utterly fascinating, and the whole idea behind the story of the movie, even made me believe it could be possible.  To just be able to grow and live on potatoes on Mars.  I loved it.

Matt Damon acted brilliantly in this movie too.  Despite being left behind on a desolate planet to fend for himself, and instead of wallowing in his own self pity, he adapts to his situation, and with his excellent knowledge of botany (which is really quite handy) he comes up with this sustainable solution to keep himself alive, whilst he counts down the days until he is hopefully rescued.

I loved the whole ‘day to day’ living on Mars as well.  Watney made the most of what he had, and would venture out of his little ‘space centre’ or what ever it was that he lived in on the planet, to try and find anything that would help him contact his friends and colleagues back home, but mostly he would explore and I loved those moments in the movie because it gave a view of what Mars could be like.

Picture: Jessica Chastain as Melissa Lewis.


Then you have all the people on earth trying to find a solution to get Watney home safely, and I really loved the way everyone on earth got behind Watney and basically cheered him on to keep surviving until help reached him.  It was great.  I also loved Jessica Chastain’s character Melissa, who with the rest of her crew decide to launch their own rescue mission and going against their superior’s orders.  I like Jessica Chastain and I thought she played her part as the ‘firm but fair’ captain very well.

There were a few ‘technical bits’ in the movie that I did find a bit to hard to follow, but the rest of the movie as a whole was very enjoyable to watch.  I loved the fact that Watney grew his own food, I thought the chemistry amongst the team as a whole as they pulled together to get him home was very authentic, the design of the space crafts in the movie were amazing, and I actually thought the way the filmmakers had designed Mars itself was pretty cool too.  I thought was very realistic.

Picture: The Martian Movie Poster.


The movie is definitely one to watch, if only to see Matt Damon as I believe he gave one of the best performances of his career in this film, plus it had a cracking soundtrack.   I thought having ‘Starman’ by David Bowie playing in the background was a really nice touch.   The movie boasted a captivating storyline, and the acting performances were all electrifying.    I absolutely loved it.


Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

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The Imitation Game.

Well this was a fascinating movie.   I had heard really good reviews about it and I also recall that it was in the race for the Best Actor Oscar for Benedict Cumberbatch, which he narrowly missed out on in 2015, with the Oscar going to Eddie Redmayne for The Theory Of Everything.  The Imitation Game is about a man named Alan Turing, who was the mastermind mathematician behind deciphering enemy codes during the second world war with the help of his friends and a machine he calls ‘Christopher’.

Picture: Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turring.

With some spoilers.

For me, this is one of my favourite acting performances of Benedict Cumberbatch.    His depiction of Alan Turing was both mesmerizing and authentic.

In the beginning we find the shy Alan Turing get a codebreaking job at Bletchley to help with the war.  Instead of having to crack enemy codes that come through by hand, Turing assembles a team of mathematicians to help him build a machine that will crack the codes for them, deciphering exactly what moves the Germans are going to make next, and thus saving the lives of British soldiers caught up in the war.

Picture: The Imitation Game Players.

What I loved about it was the constant determination from all the characters involved to try and find a way to stop the Germans from winning the war, despite the obstacles they faced which included the Germans changing the code they were trying crack, every day at midnight.   They even had a countdown clock, and with the threat of their funding being terminated, I thought that made the movie really exciting and it most definitely added pace to the story.

Besides Benedict Cumberbatch, my other favourite character in the movie was Joan Clarke, played by Keira Knightley.   She was smart, confident and feisty, and at a time where women were considered less superior that their male counterparts, Clarke never let that phase her and continued to fight to get herself recognized.  I think Keira Knightley played her superbly, and this is actually one of my favourite ever performances of hers also.  The only thing that did infuriate me about the story itself, was back then none of Turring’s team, including Turring himself, got recognized for all the work they did back in the second world war.   Until now that is.

Personally, I really enjoyed it.  I found the movie intriguing, and deeply moving at times too.  Why should you watch it?  The Imitation Game is a fascinating movie spectacle with acting performances that will leave you breathless.


Thanks for reading.

Sarah x



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Movie News I Am Excited About This Week.

This week has been a busy one for me particularly in work as we have had floor moves and store visits to contend with.  I haven’t actually watched any movies at all since watching Collateral last Monday, which is quite bad, but nevermind.  That is just the way things are some times.   Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun?!!


So I thought it was time I have another little gander at what is going on in the movie world at the moment, and this is what I found out.

Picture: Marvel’s ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’.


The ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ ensemble will all feature in the new Avengers movie, Infinity War.   I thought they might be in an Avengers movie at some point.  I reckon the Guardians Of The Galaxy characters will bring a different edge to the Avengers franchise, because they are all ‘rogues’ which makes them feisty and unpredictable in my opinion.  I just love the fact they are cocky and sarcastic and have a bit of attitude, but still fight for what they believe in.  So it will be very interesting to see how the current Avengers will cope with that.  I already have images of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) majorly falling out with Drax (Dave Bautista) because Drax won’t understand Thor’s ‘ways’, and The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) going ‘green’ because Chris Pratt’s Peter Quill, is being too much of a cocky git for him.  I think there will be more than a few personality clashes.  It sounds fun.

I have also discovered that ‘Step Brothers’ duo Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly will reunite in the imagining of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.  To be honest I think that is a wonderful piece of casting because if Ferrell and Reilly manage to make their Holmes and Watson character as funny as their ‘Step Brothers’ characters, this is going to turn out to be a wonderfully hilarious movie.  Really looking forward to this one.

Picture: John C Reilly and Will Ferrell in ‘Step Brothers’.

They are also remaking the movie ‘Clue’.  I loved the original ‘Clue’, it was so funny and so entertaining, and Wadsworth played by Tim Curry was such a cool character and it is one of my favourite characters played by Tim Curry ever.  His screen presence in that movie was fascinating and extremely infectious.  He was an exceptionally good storyteller too.  There are not many details about the new Clue movie just yet, but if you haven’t seen the original you must watch it some time because it was brilliant.

Picture: The cast of ‘Clue’.

Lastly, Mission Impossible 6 has halted production because of a major problem.  And it is majorly big, I don’t know how they are going to be able to cope with this…

….Tom Cruise is not happy with what he is getting paid.  I am being serious.  I mean, the Mission Impossible franchise has only made him over $300 million dollars already…. Apparently, it turns out that Tom Cruise is getting more money to star in the new ‘Mummy’ remake than what he was offered for the latest Mission Impossible instalment.  He is currently in talks regarding this.   That’s Hollywood A-Listers for you!  I am still looking forward to Mission Impossible 6 anyway.   Those movies are always very good.

So there are definitely some interesting things going on in the movie world right now.  For me, I am really looking forward to seeing the new Avengers movie, and the new Clue movie.  I think they are both going to be really good.

Just a final note.  Please check out the new Star Wars store at   I checked it out earlier and they have some really interesting stuff on there, particularly the colour changing Light Saber.  They are really cool.   Check it out if you like Star Wars.


Thanks for reading.

Sarah x




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Last Night’s Movie: Collateral.

I quite enjoyed this movie because it made a nice, refreshing change to see Tom Cruise play the villain.  He played him very well too, he was quite nasty at times.  So, in this movie (possible spoilers beware) Tom Cruise plays Vincent, who ends up in Max’s taxi (played by Jamie Foxx) and poor Max unwittingly turns into Vincent’s getaway driver as he goes about basically taking people out, as one assumes that is a hitman’s job, who happen to be witnesses to a court case.

The character of Max, intimidated by Vincent’s uncontrollable behaviour, has to go along with it as to not get himself killed, and goes about dropping him off at various locations and basically becomes his getaway driver.  I thought it was quite interesting to see how Max coped with managing to still talk to Vincent like a normal person whilst having a gun held to his head.  I thought Jamie Foxx portrayed the character very well.

There were plenty of tense moments, with great characterization from Tom Cruise who tried to come across as some kind of damaged ’employee’ but was actually really, really brutal at times.   You just started feeling sorry for him… and then he would do something really crazy.   Jamie Foxx is the one who ends up being in the wrong place at the wrong time as he goes about his every day business as a taxi driver, and winds up becoming a pivotal part of Vincent’s elaborate charade.

Picture: Jamie Foxx as Max.

It was a great storyline, I did enjoy it, but at times it was a bit predictable.  I won’t give anything away, but I had pretty much worked things out after the first fifteen minutes.  Generally I prefer it when the plot draws me in for a lot longer, even till the very end, I worked out where this movie was going pretty early on.

I did really enjoy the ‘cat and mouse’ element to it, and the few moments of unpredictability it had too, that made the movie really exciting.  Mark Ruffalo played a good part as the cop trying to take Vincent down also.  I thought he was so into his character.  He actually almost looked unrecognizable too.   And I really enjoyed the soundtrack as well, it was a really cool soundtrack that definitely set the tone that ran all throughout the movie.  It was very entertaining.  Ten out of ten for acting for Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx, they were both incredible.


Thanks for reading.

Sarah x




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My Birthday And Men In Black 2.

I have not written a post for a few days, in fact I think it is nearly a week.  Well, I celebrated my 33rd birthday on Friday last week.  I did have a lovely day, opened a few cards in the morning (I had the day off from work which is always nice) went over to my dads for lunch and catch up, then came home and opened some presents in the afternoon, I got new bedding and an amazing t.shirt, which I am currently using as a pyjama top right now, of David Bowie dressed as Jareth the Goblin King from the movie Labyrinth.  It is so awesome!

This is the exact picture that is on my T.shirt.  It is so cool.  I love it!


I also got some money and some bedding from my nan, which is blue/purple with the New York skyline on it (it looks like my Ted Baker purse a bit) and I absolutely love it.  I got money and chocolates and also The Cursed Child by J K Rowling so looking forward to reading that too.

Then in the evening we went out for an evening meal at a restaurant near me called Mill Lodge and had a chicken curry for tea which was lovely and ice cream for dessert.  You have to treat yourself to dessert on your birthday!  Unfortunately I was working yesterday but I did get home fairly handy as I had an early finish.  So ended up catching a bit of Men In Black 2 ( we did miss the beginning but nevermind) and I love that movie I haven’t seen it in ages.

Men In Black 2 Mostly Alien Cast.


The first Men In Black is my favourite out of the three films really, but this one was really good.  I always felt so sorry for Jay at the end when the ‘Light of Zartha’ turned out to be the woman he loved.  But it was really funny too, I loved Frank the ‘subway worm’ he was cool, and I am glad they brought Tommy Lee Jones back as Kay as well.  He was really funny when he couldn’t remember who he was and then it all came flooding back and poor Jay (Will Smith) got himself pushed back to rookie again.  The fight scenes with the aliens were really funny in this one.   It was really good and  Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith I have always thought make a really great acting team.  I would love it if they did another Men In Black!! Number 4.  That would be cool.

Anyhoo, I had a really great birthday and a really nice last few days as well.


Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

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The Man From U.N.C.L.E Movie.

I seem to recall hearing that this movie got really slated when it first came out at the cinema, but having just watched it, I am not sure why it did so badly.  Don’t get me wrong because I have seen better movies, but I didn’t think it was all that bad.  There was certainly an air of mystery to it which I really loved, there was danger and intrigue, there was a bit of comedy too which I loved, there was Armie Hammer, and Henry Cavill, (it is definitely Henry Cavill for me all the way…. sorry Armie) there was even Hugh Grant!!!  What more could you ask for?!

I loved the relationship between Hammer and Cavill at the beginning because they were trying to kill each other.   And it was the shock on their faces confronted with the fact that they had to work together was so funny.  I also have to say I absolutely loved the fact that they ended up bugging each other as well.  That was really comical.  I loved that Hammer’s Illyia nearly fell for the beautiful Gaby, played by Alicia Vikander, who I actually thought had been rumoured to play a new Bond girl, however I stand corrected….she is in fact the new Lara Croft.  Most intriguing.  I wonder if she will do a better job than Angelina Jolie-Pitt?!!

So in this movie Henry Cavill’s Napoleon Solo has to help Gaby (Vikander) get to Germany with Armie Hammer’s Illya Kuryakin hot on their tales however they are soon forced to work together to bring down a criminal organization whom Gaby’s father seems to be linked to.

I did think it was fairly good.  There were a few moments where the plot seemed to wither a little bit and go off on a tangent, but it picked itself up after a while.   It was what I would call a basic but still entertaining spy caper, not quite James Bond, but certainly much better than Johnny English.  I am not quite sure why it got slated as much as it did because I have certainly seen worse movies than this.  The action was good, the story has it’s danger and intrigue moments, Armie Hammer played his part fairly well, Henry Cavill was just drop dead gorgeous….and Hugh Grant was in it too and he never makes a bad movie anyway.  What more could you ask for?!


Thanks for reading.

Sarah x

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Star Trek Into Darkness.

I think I do prefer this movie to the first Star Trek, although the first one was still very good.  I felt like all of the characters in Into Darkness had progressed and evolved so much from the first film, especially Kirk and Spock.  I think what I really loved about this one is basically Benedict Cumberbatch’s bad ass Khan.   He played that villain so well, he  actually made Khan so evil and actually quite psychotic as well.  He was amazing.

The stakes seemed to be higher in this one as well.  There was devastation on earth right at the beginning at Starfleet headquarters, and then they go after Khan, who has a crew he keeps safely hidden in his missile ‘popsicles’ that the slightly deranged Admiral Marcus (played brilliantly by Peter Weller) decides he wants to use because of their technology, and because he wants to destroy the Klingons, and start a war.  It’s great!

I did love Scotty in this one, he did have a much bigger part to play having unwittedly ended up on the ship that just so happens to be about to destroy the Enterprise.   I actually found him funnier in this as well.  I think it was just his timing.   We get to see Leonard Nimoy come back and warn the younger Spock (Zachary Quinto) that Khan is basically not who he appears to be.  I think that was one of my favourite scenes.  I also loved the scene where the Enterprise is falling out of the sky and Scotty and Kirk are trying desperately to mimic the twisting ship as it plummets to the ground.  That was a great action sequence.

The movie also showed the lengths that people will go to, especially desperate people,  to protect their family and I think that was the main message in the movie and I really loved that about it.   You had Khan trying to protect his family from being destroyed, you had Jim Kirk trying to protect his family when threatened by Khan and Admiral Marcus, it was brilliant.  Plus Khan was an incredible villain.  He was really cool.  I also loved that fact that they introduced the Klingons in this one as well.  Hopefully they will be back in another movie soon too.  It was such a great storyline this one, and it is actually one of my favourite Star Trek movie plots ever.   I am looking forward to the new Star Trek and the future Star Trek movies too.  I hope that Hollywood will make plenty more of them.


Thanks for reading.

Sarah x



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Has Now Watched Cocoon : The Return.

I did enjoy this follow up to the original.  It was a little more adventurous than the first movie, the aliens come back and the people they took came back home to visit their loved ones, and then the alien gets captured and they have to rescue it, I quite enjoyed that aspect to the film it did add a bit of pace to the plot.  I really loved the scene where the older generation took on the younger in a basketball game, that was done very well.   Courtney Cox was in this one and she played her part well as the scientist studying the alien.  It was very good….but, although I did quite like the pace of the movie, I felt that it did lose a little bit of the magic, wonder and intrigue that the first movie possessed.

After I had watched it I also found myself checking out the cast on the IMDB, Internet Movie DataBase, that I always, always use to check out all the actors that star in all movies, and I found reading up about the actors that were in the Cocoon movies really interesting.  Everyone who was in both movies acted really well, and by the end of the second movie you could see some of the characters had evolved quite a bit, especially Steve Guttenberg’s Jack and Tahnee Welch as the alien Kitty.  And I loved the fact they were trying to set Bernie (played by Jack Gilford) up with someone as well.  That was really sweet.   I will make a point of saying however, in my opinion it is one of those movies that really would not make a lot of sense if you haven’t seen the first one.  It is a bit weird in places, but that is what I love about it.   I wish they had done a bit more of is the conflict with the scientists.  When they abducted the alien I thought they could have maybe dragged that storyline out a bit more.  But I still enjoyed it.  I think I will always love Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn too.  I never knew those two were married in real life either, which is really sweet.  They were married from 1942 until Jessica Tandy’s death in 1994.   I thought they worked really well together, and it was a good film.


Thanks for reading.


Sarah x

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Has Just Watched Cocoon.

I haven’t seen Cocoon for ages but I always think you appreciate any movie more when you haven’t seen it in a while.  So this was one of the first movies Ron Howard directed.  It was a great story.  Cocoons housing alien visitors land in a pool and thus creating a fountain of youth (everyone’s dreamt about one of those at some point in their lives) and is discovered by the elderly inhabitants of a retirement home.  There are some great actors in it, namely Jessica Tandy, Hume Cronyn who played Joe Finley and the great Jessica Tandy as his wife, Alma.   Steve Guttenberg is in it, who to be honest I really miss seeing him in movies, although he is still working.  He has made some amazing movies in the past, but I don’t think are the same as they were back then.  I always loved Barrett Oliver as David.  I actually wish he still acted too but I know he doesn’t now because I looked him up.  He was great in Cocoon and one of my favourite movies ever, The NeverEnding Story as well.


The movie was just so funny, and sweet, and the aliens were really nice and let them all use the swimming pool which has all the cocoons in it and they make them all feel younger and more vitalized, and seeing them all act younger and having a really great time was quite cool, they were so funny.   And then there was the sexy alien which Steve Guttenberg got involved with which was really weird as well, but who cares, I love weird!  And the dolphins…I love the dolphins.  And then they all have to decide if they are going to go away with the aliens or not, and thus live forever.  I really did enjoy it, and I have seen it before, but it has been a little while.  It is a bit dated, but that didn’t bother me in the slightest.   It is still a touching, mesmerizing movie.  I mean the special effects for that time were incredible.  Plus I also think Ron Howard is a genius too.

I would definitely recommend watching it, whether it’s the first time ever or just for a blast from the past because it really is a great movie.  It also has a great soundtrack too.


Thanks for reading.

Sarah x


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Finally Watched Star Trek Last Night….

I had totally forgotten how great that first movie was.   The first proper Star Trek reboot.  It was so unbelievably cast.  Chris Pine as James T. Kirk, he made that character so wild, a bit cocky, but undeniably committed to his career.  Zachary Quinto was amazing as Spock.  No one else could have played that role apart from him.  Least not forgetting that the late, great Leonard Nimoy made an appearance as Spock from the future.  I am so glad they did that because it was a great twist in the movie.  I also loved the idea of Spock and Uhura being an item I thought that was quite clever.  Zoe Saldana plays that part really well.  I remember thinking that Karl Urban was an interesting choice to play Bones but he was so amazing playing that role.  He even reminded me of DeForest Kelley who played the part originally, which is good because that means he did his homework.  I remember thinking that John Cho was the one I didn’t recognize but he starred as Harold in Harold and Kumar, which I have heard of.  I must watch those movies one day I have heard they are very funny.  Of course we have Anton Yelchin as Chekov and he was perfect for that role as well.  And then Simon Pegg as Scotty who was a brilliant choice he brought a little comedy to the movie too.  Just a little.

Star Trek Cast With JJ Abrams.


JJ Abrams is a really great director and producer.  He has done loads of movies.  Star Trek and Star Wars obviously, but there were some movies I didn’t realize he had done. More so as a producer.  I didn’t realize had produced Forever Young (Mel Gibson and Elijah Wood), I never knew that, and he has done The Pallbearer, and Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, and Ghost Protocol, and Morning Glory.  That was a good film too, well they are all really good movies.   I definitely have learnt something new today.  He also has another Star Trek in the pipeline of course, and another Star Wars and another Mission Impossible.  He has been busy.  It is very exciting.  I can’t wait to see them all.


Thanks for reading.


Sarah x

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